Main Character and Registration Day

It seems like that day and time keep moving? It said I’d be able to change my main character to someone else after like 10:30 (my time, I’m assuming) today, but now I’m looking at it (after a nice breakfast, not pertinent) and it says like 18:30?

So ‘when’ can I change my main to someone else? I wanted to recreate that first character. I have everyone else fixed. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have the exact same problem, I made a character to test and now I want to delete it but can’t because it’s my main character. I just want the name on another character so I can start playing on it lol

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You will be able to change your main soon. I’m pretty sure it was a bit more than a full 24 hours for me, but I just changed mine a few hours ago. I also would assume that it’s server time and not your local time.

I don’t believe there is any benefit to having a character set to main until you have a stronghold. So if you aren’t, I wouldn’t worry about it and you’ll probably be able to change it before you get your stronghold.

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Thanks! It’s working now. Just surprised to see the time shift on me. You were right, it was probably 24 hours to when I actually crated it, where the original time was around launch.

I didn’t even realize that. What does the main mean related to a stronghold (assuming my stronghold is my housing)?