Main Character Bugged after teleport


I just tried to teleport with my main character and got stuck in a black screen. After a few minutes I had to restart the game. Since then I am not able to launch into my main character anymore. The game just gets stuck when I try to launch with the character selected. When I try to switch from another character to my main, I get an error msg ‘Could not connect to game’ and get thrown back to the character selection.

I would realy appreciate if an admin could help me access my main character again.
The name of the character is ‘Dopeness’, Server is Asta.

EDIT: The problem seems to be solved. I can login with my character again.

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i got the same problem here ! :frowning:

Asta Server

Char name : Roxx

I have the same issue, Asta server died right as i was teleporting to open seas, now i cannot log into my main character as it tells me “Could not connect to game.”.
Character name is: Jadefoxx

Same here, crashed in chaos dungeon, now cannot log in.
Char: Salandash

Hello Everyone, welcome to the lost Ark forums!!

I understand your characters are bugged and your not able to access them in-game.

There was an issue with servers last night which caused this, later this was addressed, the issue should be fixed for all,

If the issue still persists for you, i would suggest to contact us through live medium, where it can be addressed on a individual level, they can help move your character if required.

You can get in touch with our live support by clicking the link below -

Contact Us | Amazon Games

I hope this information was helpful.

Cheers :slight_smile: