Main character change class and maintain level/history progression?

I wanted to know if the “main character” function allows us to keep our level and our progress in the story if I change the main character? or do we have to start all over again? xp and story?

If not yet to go in this direction, couldn’t this ‘main character’ function allow this? Of course, only the character defined as ‘main character’ could benefit from this.

Every character has their own progression in the story and you will have to redo any story you choose not to knowledge transfer. It’s a bit of a pain honestly.

I’m fairly certain the Main Character function has no actual function in our version. I think it’s mainly to indicate what your main is on profile lookup sites that the West doesn’t have access too.

The only use of main character function I can find in game is the weekly ghost ship

That main character function is only for show. It shows your selected main character in your friends’ roster friend list. It lets people know your main character when they visit your stronghold. It doesn’t have anything to do with character progression. I set my main character as my lowest ilvl character for giggles.