Main character only crash

I was on festival island, song of return to punika, went into loading screen at about 15%, and my game crashed. This character is in perma limbo…everytime I try to play on it my game crashes but I can play on every other character just fine. Please fix

Move to the Game Support section and provide your server and the name of the character. A support mod will be able to relocate your character.

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I have moved your post over to our Game Support section for further assistance. :slight_smile:

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Please let me know your character name and server so I can try relocating your character as this usually fixes this issue! Please make sure to have the game closed while I do this.

Papixiinc i’ll be offline for the next 3 hours. I hope you’re able to fix this for me. Thanks

@Xiinc I’ve now relocated your character, next please follow the steps in this link for verifying game file integrity on Steam to prevent issues like this one from happening again:

After the process is done log back into the game and check if everything looks good!

See you in Arkesia!