Main quest bugged :Qualifications to Enter Balankar

Hi the world quest is bugged for me the quest is

quest name : [Qualifications to Enter Balankar]
i cant interract with the panel so i cant do the quest
could you help me please?

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Hello @Totof, hope you are doing great! :grinning:

Could you please try to restart the game, open Steam as administrator and run a Steam Verification of Game’s Integrity Files.

If these steps don’t solve your issue, I kindly ask you to Contact Us | Amazon Games to file a ticket regarding your issue.

Hope this information helps!

See you in Arkesia! :dizzy:

i tried verifying the game => all files validated none missing,
Contacted the support via live chat, they told me a dev gonna see the case, i’ve been waiting foir past 3 days for the issue to be resolved, still waiting …, and i paid 100 buck for this … im soo disapointed…
Due to the world quest bug i cant have ticket to up alts level 50 cant do voids, and vern content what do i do? i up manually another char to level 50 is that real???

i made a purple quest to render at the same guy it validated the main quest im unstuck

What do you mean by “made a purple quest to render…” because I have the same problem but I’m lost as to what to do to get it working.

Check the purple quests on the rania village and on the zones at the north of rania village
-fesnar highland
-vernese forest
-parna forest

in one of these you will have a purple quest thats return to gideon

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try this Ghostly Highlands - Quests - Lost Ark Codex

Bro Thank You <3