Main Quest is missing

thats literally a lie, some streamers had the same problem and got it fixed asap. streamer privilige

I’m streaming my dissatisfaction all over the world because I lost a high level character to this BS. I have no quests!

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Still missing MSQ.

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IM still missing my main quest too

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Same here, still missing my main quest. Really sad that I paid to play early but yet can’t progress…

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It’s a little yikes that streamers that have this issue get their quests fixed ASAP, but massive amounts of people are just stuck in the mud. I purchased the founders pack to play the game early, and I haven’t been able to progress for 2 days.



They still havent fixed all the characters on Galaturd server who lost all their main quests and can’t get them back. They say they are going to help everyone and then just sit on it and do nothing. People are wanting to get away from Galatur and go to a different server and now they can’t because their Gold or Plat Founder’s Pack is tied to that janky server.

This is so messed up

I cannot believe it is still broken, Two days straight??

This is a pretty unbelievable situation. I’m doing adventure tome stuff just to keep myself going. Starting another toon now is a waste of time since we are already getting a boost. I’m not really one to demand stuff but you guys better really seriously think about throwing us some in game currency because this is some pretty extraordinary BS that you are taking a long time to fix. Figure it the hell out so I can play this game. Thanks.

Character: Socrex
Server: Galatur

I’ve talked to multiple chat agents, submitted multiple tickets, and even created a thread on here previously attempting to get the problem solved or at least some definite answer. AGS support just spew out the same useless information no matter how many different ways you approach the situation. I’m just gonna leave my character’s information here as well JUST in case my efforts haven’t been effective so far.

Name: Piqued
Server: Galatur NA East

Name: Luckywhite
Server: Galatur NA EAST

Name: Manpooper
Server: Galatur

Name: Lephantis
Server: Galatuar

Name: Albatrox
Server: Galatur NA EAST
Main Story Quest is gone since last crash can we get a update on this issue can we get it fix its been 2 days.

Name: Bighairynewfie
Server: galatur north east

Still no fix here ? What is going on? This has been ongoing for days. When will the Dev’s reply back when useful information?

Server: Galatar
Name: Kriasa

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Put a ticket in early yesterday but just to be sure.

Server: Galatur
IGN: Breebian

Server: Galatur
IGN: Amayarah

Please check out News Post on this topics to find the steps you can take to resolve this issue.