Main quest not showing up on Galatur after maintenance

same here the first ticket i sent in told me to they where sorry and to wait then my second ticket told me to wait for the update … and here we are

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I think guys, we all need a concrete answer about this. The situation is unpleasant and disgusting.

We need details, information, tell us the reality: Hey create a new character because those with the msq missing will never got it again or something. I prefer the truth as much as it hurts.

I remark we paid for the “early game” we never got it at all. Rewards have to be given.

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Not a ticket, not a chat with amazon support, concrete words please.


There is no resolution, that’s the problem. No one has had this issue resolved and complete silence from support has been incredibly discouraging.

This is just terrible, it was a server wide issue and you’re going ticket by ticket. It’s my 4th ticket, 4th!!! Now f2p are rushing in and we’ll be the ones left behind, not only the launch was delayed for several hours but you couldn’t a simple fix for a quest missing!!! REALLY!?

Actually, if they’re going to tell me that I can’t play my main any more, I’m going to want more than just a “create a new character”. I’ll want back all of the founders gear / skins / etc, etc, etc, because that was the character I put it on.

Playing through the stuff wouldn’t be too much of a problem for me, I guess, but I’d want all the stuff back, because at some level I paid for that.


They WILL NOT refund any founder pack Bro, the support service of Steam and Amazon tell me.

GG galatur and MSQ

Submitted a ticket through live support 2 days ago and nothing is done couldnt play all day today or yesterday on my main… on top of that you lock all the EA servers so now i have to make a new chara on a new server to play with friends.

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SO they mess up the MSQ for thousands of players on the server and then say just open a ticket bro, tough luck just start a new character bro, and if you redeemed founder items tough luck bro buy another one.

yup i feel defeated. this game did us all so dirty. we paid to not be able to play. we STILL cant play after official launch… they dont even care since its just us on Galatur server so were not even TOP priority hahaaha…

Lost ark team, please address this issue. This issue has been going on for days now and no one is addressing it or talking about this issue. Live support isn’t doing anything. When can we get a solid concreate answer on this fix? Its extremely frustrating to keep getting re-directed to live support when they are unable to fix this as its game technical issue.


Support has not done anything but put me on a list. Meanwhile i’m out a twitch start pack, founders pack, and my main char. I can’t advance in the game at all.

Same thing happened to me on Karta during the intro pirate storyline. Where exactly do we submit a ticket?

it’s been TWO days

that is your best answer? i have did that hour in and i get an automated response a few hours after… and then silence for 2 days… all i know a MASSIVE bug has emerged and its being “fixed” … NO timeline, NO compensation… nothing, we are sitting ducks screwed out of a launch and money from consumables tied up

this is truly the WORST customer service and handling of bugs… this isn’t going to go well for this dev. big hype and just spiraling out of control…

I’m waiting for the response from them saying they can’t fix it and will need to create new characters. So basically, the people that bought the founders pack for early access are SOL and lose out on the time spent progressing and rewards received. Thats pretty much a slap in the face if I ever seen one, “thanks for the money, k bye”

I appreciate you responding to this thread but a lot of us have done this already support isn’t able to do anything they just forward it to the “dev team” and cannot give us any details about next steps or potential compensation for the issue. Personally I would just rather create a new character and just be rewarded my founders items I redeemed to be given to said character but I am not even given that as an option.

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