Main story quest missing lakebar

After Galatur shut down, my main story quest in lakebar was removed. character name: Sprice

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I’m sorry to hear that your main story quest is missing.

Please try this troubleshooting steps: Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files.

If the issue persists we recommend you to contact us via live support channel so we can look further into your problem:

If you have any question let me know.

Have a nice day! :smile: :crossed_swords:

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same thing happened to me ill try and verify files and reply to this post

nah everything is the same server crash broke it

I contacted live support and was told it would be 1-2 days to resolve. Glad i paid to play early…

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Hi there everyone, I hope you are doing great.

@prawfeT thank you for reaching out customer support, that is our best course of action right now. As we might need to ask you some personal information.

Here is a post created by one of our CM:

@GrandMarshal @mann , here is the link you can use to contact us : Contact Us | Amazon Games

I hope this info helps, feel free to tag me if you need anything else.

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