Main story quest missing

MR STOOH can u finish typing

Not for me

@Stooh save us

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@Stooh we can see you

Hi there everyone, I hope everyone is doing OK.

I just want to provide a quick update about the issues related to Galatur.

Seawolf, a community manager ask us to refer you all to a live channel if you are experiencing some “account issues” or “missing content” from your account. Here is the contact us link: Contact Us | Amazon Games

Here is a link to the original post:

For future reference, you can check the developer tracker here:

I hope this info helps, I wish you have an amazing week.


i think we got dropped to the bottom of the list @RedPlayer

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@Stooh We’ve created tickets and even had them escalated by Amazon games. When they are asked about an update the only reply we get is that they have forwarded the ticket to the Devs.


so basically no new information that could resolve our issue


@Stooh think the problem will be fixed before you allow ftp players in? if not this is kinda ridiculous no?

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I understand why. I have no way to prove it lol

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Were you logged out when you got unstuck? Or were you logged in and just had to relog?

I was logged out and just thought id test a theory someone else posted here about going back to a previois main quest. And lo and behold thirain was there where he wasnt this morning

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this is ridiculous just take the servers down again and fix this!


i really don’t want to make a fucking alt 4 levels off a free 50 lmfao

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yeah i cant grind again this is so dissapointing, amazon just yoinked my founders money and i just gotta quit i guess

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Ahh ok thanks. Was just asking cause I was planning on leveling some trade skills, but in that case I’m not going to risk it and will just remain logged out.

exactly. i’m not making a new guy to level again after just grinding for the past 2 days.

I was attempting to progress in the main story quest where you enter the Morai Ruins, when the server issues with Galatur occurred last night. Now on logging back in to my Character Phayz on Galatur I have no quests to complete or accept and I can not enter the Morai Ruins to continue. Please Advise.

Sever: Galatur
Character Name : Phayz

Hi @timaul and welcome to our forums!

My apologies about the inconvenience with the missing quests, our Dev team is already aware of this situation and is working to solve it as soon as possible.
When we have more information about this issue I’ll make sure to let you know.
I am merging your post to a general thread.

Thank you for your patience!
Have a wonderful rest of your week. :balloon: