Main story quest missing

I doubt it will be, I am stuck with the same problem, right now in my Stronghold quest chain so I am locked out of all that content.

I’m halfway expecting the main story quest I was working on to be bugged after maintenance since I got kicked by the server right after the 10 minute warning for maintenance today.
2 tickets and a chat session got me a " I will let you know as soon as I hear something, should be 1-2 business days." Imagine how much worse this will get when it goes full launch today.

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This should be fixed after maintainence right? I mean it is launch day after all.

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I talked to Live Chat again and the guy told me that it could be fixed during this maint or this weekend at the latest
Trying to stay hopeful :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’re a chimney. How does it feel having smoke blown up your bum?

We all know that they could easily restore or remove and re-add the quest for each of us, but that would take ages. My bet is they are trying to design some elaborate system to automate the process so that they don’t have to manually fix each character.

Secondly, identifying the cause of the issue so that other (more populated servers) don’t encounter the problem would be the first priority for the team.

Meanwhile, the support staff and site staff offer us platitudes and a large indescisive timeframe to keep our hopes up as damage control.

I have no doubt that we will get a fix, but you alll should stop buying into the quick resolve and make other plans in case your wish isn’t granted.

If you spent half as much time rolling a new toon as you do waiting for the resolution and complaining about the wait… you’d have a new main already.

@Roxx I see you online, tell us with the update we will have our Main Story Quest Line back again ?

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For all of these topics


I agree. I think its only fair. please give us more info on this matter. I feel that as customers and buying founder packs we are true supporters of this game and being punished for it as a result. We got the complete short end, now im not saying this is anyones fault i understand ANYTHING can happen but this matter is being resolved very poorly with low to no communication. Especially when this was a product for early access and that is exactly what we were stripped of.


so after this massive update, we werent important enough for you to fix the fact our MSQ is gone? that pretty awesome of you guys.


fix the MSQ on our accounts

why did you guys not fix the missing MSQ

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im sorta stuck here too, i really dont want to make another character so soon

still not fixed… wtf are they doing

Over 24 hours and counting of being hard locked.

Still no world quest fix cannot progress

guys tell everyone back in your area chats that if theyre having issues to come post on this forum

Please fix the main story quest. Learned my lesson. Never playing any mmorpg on launch date. literally hard locked out of the game. Even if i could log in through all the server issue, Im bugged out

This is ridiculous. Almost 3 days that I can’t play this game because MSQ is missing.

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Wow this is just ridiculous. A few minutes before I could log into the game (Galatur server) only to find missing quest issue was still not resolved. Then shortly after I get locked out of server and can’t even play my character (can still log into my server-character selection screen).

During the short period I was logged in I saw 3-day aura item in my mail. So this is all I get for paying 50$ to play 3 days in advance, then having to play alt cause my server was rolled back and main/side quests are gone?

Dude how isn’t this fixed already. I shouldn’t have to “reroll” or max out an alt before my main. This should have been resolved yesterday.

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What’s worse-I can see Asmongold with zero issues. He’s got all his quests intact, and he’s playing the game RIGHT NOW, while I got locked out of my character. GTFO