Main story quest missing

This is actually insane at this point. Was fair to wait patiently for the first 24 hours but ever since then we have gotten not a single word about this issue, it’s not acknowledged in any official channels and all we are told to do is to make a ticket. Come on man.

I think they need give us founders pack to apologize this mess. we lose 2 days aura and cant level up on launch day. we should not “pay to behind”
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Hey everyone, I was also unfortunate enough to be doing my main quest when the servers crashed and am now missing the MSQ. I submitted a ticket a few days back, but like everyone else, I got the same PR response. I understand they are extremely busy rn, but it has been two days and I just want a CLEAR response on where they are at with this issue.


FIX THISS!!! We want to play with our friends pls unlock servers!!! Or make characters transferable!!!

Same I’m extremely frustrated. I understand bugs, rollbacks, and glitches but this issue hasn’t been addressed and they don’t even seem to care about this issue. The main accounts have only been addressing founder pack issues but not addressed issues of our characters being completely unplayable. Come on Lost Ark please give us a real update on this.


The radio silence on this issue is quite disturbing, I have to say.


Yup, as someone who purchased a founders pack, its very frustrating that I can’t play my main character. I’ve been patient since I know launches are rocky usually, but I’m getting pretty frustrated. My alt is almost caught up with my main now, but I’d still prefer to play my main over my alt. I’ve put in a ticket which told me to just keep an eye on the forums and the forums tell us to put in a ticket. If this isn’t resolved soon or at the very least given some sort of update, I guess I will just uninstall and play something else.

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this is shameless they know we are expendable since they are still hitting high launch numbers. they were able to quickly create new microtransactions for the store but not fix our problems. gaming in 2022

Shameless non response. level 47 character stuck and now i gtta restart

Some sort of communication on this issue would be nice.

Please give us an update and let us know if we need to make a new character or what. Already had redeemed a bunch of stuff on the character that is missing the MSQ however so that really sucks.

This is the update i just got

Me [5:46:27 PM] : Issue: Lost Ark - In-game issues: Something Else Richardber [5:46:40 PM] : Hello, my name is Richard. I’m here to help you today. Me [5:48:48 PM] : any kind of update on missing msq Richardber [5:52:08 PM] : allow me a moment to check Matthew Richardber [5:57:21 PM] : Thank you so much for patiently waiting Matthew, Primary Trouble Ticket D39173281 Lost Ark Players Lost Progress After Rollback in Galatur Server status is currently in progress. The Devs are currently working on

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They are not doing anything. it’s low low low priority for them

9 hour delay and still no main story, no refunds either

same , IGN : Bahtar server : Galatur … main quest LOST !

Still cannot access main story. I have put in multiple tickets and am extremely frustrated with this. Can we please get some response on an ETA or update from devs? How is it a head start if we’re having to wait longer than the people who didn’t pay for a founder’s pass to progress in the game?

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lol cause they could care less about us. they seemingly don’t care what we do. Make a new character, quit, they aren’t interested or concerned with us whatsoever. That’s my impression.

I dont want to lose my name, nor my pet, nor my title this is so frustrating, i need some form of technical response on the forums

In the same boat as everyone… I feel like there should be some sort of compensation for this, we paid for a head start and did not get that due to this bug. Regardless, contacting support they have been nice, but this seems like it should have been fixed by now :frowning:

tbh they dont give a fk, we cant even play after the msq bug. and they took 2 days and a 5~~~~hours maintenance . nothing changing