Main story quest missing

k thanks seawolf nice to get an update man


Nice to atleast get an update. Thanks. Its been 2 days now.

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Do we need to be offline while you do this fix?

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Wondering the same thing

I think it doesnt mather if we are online or offline.

Nope, you can continue playing and they will be able to solve these issues.


Thanks for your replies, coming over here from the closed thread gives a bit more clarity as it almost sounded like there wasn’t already a list. That being said, do you guys actually have a fix in place that you can implement even if it’s manual and time consuming? Has anyone’s issue been resolved yet (i.e. are you starting to work through the queue)?

Thanks, I know support can be a thankless job at times but when you go long periods of time with no data the masses revolt easily. Even myself who also wears similar shoes in their daily life.

Thanks again,
Maridius - Galatur

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We do have a fix in place, but it does require creating a ticket to get help.

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Do we need to resubmit a new ticket if nothing has changed after 24 hours?

Yeah I had created a ticket yesterday at ~11 am cst and was told it was a known issue and that my name would be passed along and provided a ticket ID.

What he’s saying is if you put in a ticket you’re doing it correctly. They’re working through the problem and if you have a ticket you’ll get it resolved. You shouldn’t need to resubmit.

I put in a ticket the first time you posted this and nothing happened

It is going to take time as there are a lot of tickets submitted for this issue.

No, things haven’t changed in part because the servers were offline in prep for launch. The team is working through all the tickets now.


Do you guys have plan to give us something in return? in fact we do lose 2 days aura time and 1 day “ahead time”(maybe 2 days if not fix today) because of this bug. which we paid for that.

that actually makes sense

I have submitted a request for compensation. Our first priority is to get everyone back in an playing, then after resolution I’ll continue the discussion with the team on compensation. Your ask is reasonable and valid in my opinion.


Seawolf has been working overtime! Thank you for the updates you have been giving us. It really is much appreciated.


Is there any way for us to know if our character msq has been fixed besides logging into the character every now and then?

cant wait to get quests back and be on the grind again @Seawolf is working overtime like crazy rn