Main story quest missing?

Hi Amazon games support team,

May i ask help with the main story quest.
after the maintenance i don’t see my story quest.


Hello @lightepsilon

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This is a known issue as a result of the downtime

Here is a post created by one of our Developers:

Thanks for all your feedback and especially your patience.

Thank you very much @Gwen for that quick update.
Keep being awesome!

IGN :Lightepsilon
Server : Galatur server

Replying here with your in game information will probably not help you. The above poster told you to open a ticket but did not link nor direct you to where you would have to open said ticket. Contact Us | Amazon Games

Thank you! @joeyhighbody keep being awesome!

yes me too I’m also on galatur so maybe it’s something to do with that

Please check out News Post on this topics to find the steps you can take to resolve this issue.