Maining arcanist

i wanted to switch main and invest a lot on the arcanist class, how hard and how much investment compared to other classes will i need?

interesting, changing main is always expensive no matter what the class

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Depends really what ilvl your main’s at and how built out your roster is. As well as what your main already is, in case you’ve already got the right engravings.

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my main is 1490 surge DB and other 9 chars at around 1400-1475 i have saved a pretty good amount of gold.

i dont know how to move to the class discussion subforum

So i main swapped to Summoner within 4 weeks.

I spent roughly 450k gold on top of saved stuff in boxes for 5 months (Login rewards, Challenge-guardian and Challenge-Abyssal).

Aside from that i also accumulated 11 lvl 7 and 8 gems.

Just to get you a rough Idea what it cost to me.

Summoner is 1530 now with 4x3 + 2x1 + 1x1 with 1760 swiftness.