Maint. Extended

NVM they’re back yay!

You need more fiber. AGS needs less fiber.


AGS needs to ask Amazon how they run a global cloud service that doesn’t need shut down 4+ hours a week.

The forums are usually more entertaining than the game itself :stuck_out_tongue:


indeed, the game is feeling short

3 minutes early

Ugh, now to start the weekly rundown of the checklist.

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Of course, nowadays i prefer to be on the game when its available as it means i have fun.
Atleast the first 2-3 days of reset xD

Its too doomy and gloomy to be on the forums xD

Only if you let it be :slight_smile:

I don’t really care if the servers are up or down, I got used to expecting extended maintenance from a long life of playing MMOs. It’s annoying because Wednesday reset day is a pile of little things that I try not let bleed over into Thursday/Friday but it is what it is.

The forums are a source of amusement waiting for a scheduled Procyon even to pop, it’s fun play devils advocate on some topics and watch everyone get all worked up.

The Turtle threads especially.

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LOL yeah. its good times nowadays with how people react, so i dont let it bother me much.
I played a version of the game majority of the players in here never have or will anyway xD

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