Maintenace Compensation for recent downtime!

So some of my friends have gotten Mant. compensation for this past update with the 3-4 hour delay yet others have not gotten it. The rewards were:
3 days of crystalin Aura
1 resenounce chaos pot
1 potion pack (golden that has all 3 battle chest)

whats going on here? @Roxx

didnt even know there was a compensation, opened product inventory and then it appeared


I accept tips in gold. thx!

Didn’t got a compensation as well. In my product inventory are only the footprints

Same, I didn’t got the compensation
NA West Valtan
IGN: Lacarox

If you still haven’t received it this morning after completely logging out and back in, please let us know as delivery rolled out last night. It will be in your product inventory

after completely reconnecting, I received the maintenace compensation, thanks

No dice check multiple characters as well.

Didnt get it either, but honestely not that kinda big deal, compensation is meh, so i dont bother as anyone else should

@Roxx just got it