Maintenance Compensation 04/01/2022

I wanted to ask if anyone else was able to get the Maintenance compensation consisting of the following:

I have already checked both the product inventory inside the Store as well as the one beside the login rewards tab.


The screenshot is from our guild discord.

Also from NA West (Valtan)


Never saw this, when did he get this?

April 1, 2022. My Guildmate just shared it to me. Apparently there are 3 of us that did not get it as well.

Just had a look in my product inventory. There it is…
Wouldn’t have clicked on product inventory if I didn’t read this post, since there is no badge on the icon

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Glad you got it! :slight_smile: hopefully there is just a delay on mine :frowning:

For me there is none? Witch server do you play or was this for every one?

I guess it’s for everyone. I’m on Beatrice EUC

Yep just received this. I’m on NA West Rohendel

Well im Calvasus.

Roxx doesn’t work weekends lol

Edit, I also just logged in and didn’t see it. NA East…hopefully soon?

When they drop these types of rewards it tends to come in waves, if you haven’t gotten it yet I’d wait a couple more hours first before reaching out.

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Hi Guys, just an update as I also chatted with someone from Amazon support. and they said that some got it sooner and will eventually appear on our product inventory.

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NA West Valtan. Didn’t see it too

Nothing here.
Is this chest for everybody or only for people who bought crystalline aura ?

The support agent mentioned that it was for everybody, just a delay on getting it rolled out.

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I just get it ! :grin:

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Didn’t get it yet, could really use the extra chaos.

Dind’t get it on Zinnervale

That’s a big compensation for a few hours maintenance lol

im on avesta, My guildmate got it, i didnt :frowning: