Maintenance countdown

Can the devs always put down the countdown while people are in raid so everyone knows when the maintenance is happening??? WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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Thank you for your feedback and your suggestion, Mijoo.

One small question, when would you prefer the in-game countdown timer to begin before planned maintenance? (30 mins before, 15 mins etc)

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1 day before pls

There were system messages in the middle of the screen every 5m or so warning that the maintenance’s going to take place for over an hour now .-.


how about look at the clock on the left top???

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I just dont understand these posts. Pretty clear that every Wednesday night/Thursday am server maintenance is going to occur at 12am Pacific.

A countdown would be excessive. There is a banner notice and pop up notices at 30 and 15 minutes. Every other MMO I’ve played has similar notices without a countdown.

I get that unplanned maintenance can be an issue, but every time the banner notice had popped up at least 2-4 hours in advance. Has autosave just made everyone used to just straight up powering down their console/computer these days?

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Normal you get at the chat box a notification, that it will be in 1-60 minutes or whatever a maintenance no? Or not in raids? I don’t understand this post

Imagine being a CM in a MMOARPG. Unbearable.

Yes, there is indeed the chat box notification, however I can definitely see that occasionally being missed during some intense gameplay :thinking:.

That’s why I’m asking for OP’s opinion about when they would prefer their idea of timers to be shown :face_with_monocle: .

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U need the countdown to be super eye catching now because it can cause players to lose weekly lockouts without any compensation given.

I get that the general chat gets it and has an interval of 10 seconds I believe when it’s only a minute left before the maintenance. However, in the Guardian Raid room, there was nothing at all. Not a minute, 45s, 30s, 15s before the maintenance. If that could be added as well, that’d be very much appreciated!

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I was watching, but we had 6 mins left before maintenance. However, when it hit the supposed time for maintenance, nothing happened. 2 minutes after the supposed time is when it closed without any countdown timer

This is my point about this topic! Thank you

Every maintenance/server reset should be shown in that banner under chat, lets say hour before shutdown.
If ppl still fail to log out by then its on them and AGS can wash their hand from the case.

Usually, we get a countdown with 10 seconds intervals when it’s a minute before the maintenance in the general chat. No telltale was said with the Guardian Raid earlier that I was in.

everyone should know by now that maintenances are on thursmornings.

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Am I playing diffrent version of the game or what ?
I see “Notice” notification below chat that spining about 2h and weekly maintenance is not exactly surprise - its same day same time every week.

If there is change of that with bigger thing lets have [X] so I can remove it.

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just put it in the middle of the screen, they have to click ok/hide for it to go away to the side of the screen.

I’m confused. Bright ass yellow text tells you when it’s going down starting like an hour ahead of time like… what is it, every 15 minutes or something?

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