Maintenance done, for some?

Looks like NA West has been back up for about 30 minutes. NA East and SA still down. If you shut down all the regions at the same time for maintenance, why aren’t they back up at the same time?

If you are going to stagger the regions for maintenance, why are you even taking all of them down at the same time?

really? smh, thats awful, how they can fk that.

Gonna check

east is up now

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Oh man am I glad I’ve been lurkin’ the forums. Probably getting back into the game an 30-45 min earlier because of this post. Thanks guys!

also that, they dont event announce on forums that the servers are up smh

Assuming here:

Each region is a different database, therefore different maintenance periods.

The time for the ‘shut down’ is the same because they all get shut down at the same time. However each region has a different size, therefore some have longer periods.

This is if what you say is true, I haven’t verified your information. It just makes the most sense to me.