Maintenance downtime To-Do list

  1. Post how you dislike the time window of the maintenance.

  2. Write your sophisticated opinion regarding the bot and gold buyer situation.

  3. Make a formal complain about not being able to finish a years contents in a matter of weeks. If you’re free to play, make sure to immediately bash those who spent money on the game. nothing feels as good as looking into someone else’s wallet.

  4. Let everyone know you’d be at least 1450 ilvl by now, but AGS somehow screwed you over.

  5. Tag a Community Manager and ask for an update on something ASAP.

  6. Complain about not having a Crystalline Aura for a day or two.

  7. Demand compensation for anything that comes to your mind in 3… 2… 1… now!

  8. Anything about the Honing system. Anything really.

  9. Complain about potions because no one should spend 15 minutes a week picking flowers.

  10. Don’t forget to mention the difficulty of Guardian raids and Abyss dungeons. Who wants to watch those dreadfully long 2 minute guides on YouTube.

  11. Why are harmony shards not roster bound? It’s a mystery and you should investigate it thoroughly.

  12. Complain about the new Omen skins, but as soon as you’re back online, just buy them anyway.

  13. Check Twitter and repeat the above.

Maintenance is over, you survived the nightmare once more.

Do this weekly routine 16 times more and you’ll have your Bikini skins in the shop.


Lol really funny :rofl:, im not good at time zones is it around 2 hours more downtime?
Should clearly do the list for the bikini :slight_smile:

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or just enjoy scout on Russia LA

  1. done
  2. done
  3. done
  4. never
  5. never
  6. never
  7. done
  8. done
  9. never
  10. done
  11. done
  12. never
  13. done

thx make me :rofl:

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  1. The window is bad cause now i have to engage in RL

  2. i Love them at least someone wispers me now!

  3. DAMN cashers i envy you cause you got more money to spend then me a F2P gamer.

  4. i would be ilvl 2000 but my mom blocked her credit card

  5. not doing it xD

  6. Ive lost 4 DAYS of crystal Aura this will cost me 1 year of working time to re earn this

  7. i demand compensation for the time i have to spend with my Cats cause the servers are down for maintance

  8. IVE FAILED cause i only got 5% chance of success thats unfair

  9. i hate flowers thats why i dont wanna do it

  10. i loose 2 min of gametime if i watch a tut on how to kill a guardian i demand to get the loot without doing stuff

  11. Magic

  12. Damn these skins are ugly af but i already talked to my bank for a new credit

  13. play the same song again!

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You know, I was actually wondering the other day if anything happened to RU LOA due to the Ukraine stuff. I was too lazy to go update and find out but seems they’re still up and running!