Maintenance Downtime

While I get that every mmo launch has issues that may cause delays, what I find weird and almost unacceptable is, the maintenance not being region based.

WoW and FFXIV have region based maintenance times, as far as I know, and Amazon has EU offices while being a vastly bigger company.

The reason why you need region based maintenance and downtime, is not only to accommodate your customers daily life circles but to prevent the potential delays to cause loss in gaming time.

Most of us work and have minor hours per day to play the game we paid for. And with delays, that means there are whole days lost.

NA doesn’t have those issues and that’s kinda unfair to divide your customers like that.

Game is amazing btw, can’t wait to get back in.


I thought the same. I thought it would be region based and not all the servers going down for patch. Seems to be overkill for having all the servers going down. Isn’t this running on AWS servers??

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I have no idea, seems like they just went the cheap way and didn’t want to have workers on different regions working on the same game.

I can’t wait to get back in as well. I took Friday day off for this lol. I already expected these issues on mmo launch day but I just too excited. I even bought silver pack this morning and hoping to play on my full day off lol. oh well…

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Be patient bro, I have already 40 hours on this game and it’s fucking awesome :slight_smile:

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What would also be nice is to not have to shut down the game everytime we change to different regions. Its a pain to switch between regions because i have friends in different regions I play with. Hopefully they get this stabilized soon. Seems like they have a lot of work to do on this western launch.