Maintenance Feedback

Just to start off i’d like to clarify i’m not a game developer just someone who’s played a lot of mmos.
My first complaint is about the maintenance times, I understand it might seem smart to roll out fixes as soon as possible, yet a lot of mmos i’ve played roll out fixes and updates on region based times and they do this for each region separately very rarely do they ever roll out a update on all regions at the exact same time, it just doesn’t work well with the differing timezones.

My second complaint is about the fixes themselves, there’s been a lot of ‘‘stability’’ fixes for the past few days for an example, now i can imagine these fixes don’t always go as intended and might cause more problems than Amazon initially accounted for, yet it still does not seem smart to be taking a overloaded server down the middle of the day ( for CET players ) and having it come back up around 6pm (when the majority of people finish work ) this just causes a even bigger problem, too many people logging in at once, I can almost guarantee u there is no way the server can handle even close to a million log in attempts at ONCE and i know how impatient we all are when it comes to this game due to the recent downtimes, so therefore it might be nicer to just pack most of the minor fixes in at the start of every week for an example, every Monday at 1 AM for the americans and 8 AM for CET players for an example or well at least have some sort of scheduled maintenance time and only fix the actual gamebreaking issues when there is a need for it.