Maintenance for hotfix which lasts longer than maintenance

I can play around 10 am to about 1-2pm. This is the 2nd day of AGS is messing up my dailies because of a maintenance which was posted at 2-3 am when I was sleeping? Awesome. On the other note how is this a hotfix when you said nothing about what is being hotfixed nor did you do a hotfix since servers went down. Hotfix is something that happens without you turning the servers off.


I never see a game that said hotfix, then down the servers, it’s usually a patch or even doesn’t have any patch.

Also, why they don’t include this hotfix in the weekly updates? We don’t have too many fixes in the weekly patch this week, right?

They probably just forgot to do the Thing yesterday, they just took the servers down without doing what they were supposed to do.
Then some technician asked his superior today “Hey boss, I’m looking at the data, did we actually do the Thing yesterday?”, frantically panicking they were, scrambling, hence they are doing another maintenance but slapped the ‘hotfix’ reasoning to it. Hopefully they actually do the Thing this time around.


or yesterday they didn’t push or reverse there push prolly detected a bug or something :slight_smile: also why no download it’s prolly due to server side modification and no client side . just saying i’m maybe wrong.

Well if it’s a bug why it’s up to 5 hours to fix? Clearly they aren’t honest about it again.

I don’t expect anything from them anymore. Feedback end up in deaf ear for months even for little thing like the clock problem we had since launch.

They don’t care. They simply don’t. They located a sub-par version of the game so they could make money of it and don’t have the decency to do the bare minimum.

There is mistakes in localization everywhere since launch, obvious one that confuses everyone and force us to search on the internet and they do nothing even with months worth of feedback.

So, give us compensation for it and let’s be done with it. No point discuting with them about the game, they, just, don’t care.

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Not all of us can spend 16 hours a day on this game.

We have schedules (especially weekends) which work for us. Any down time is a major inconvenience and can cause alot of people not to be able to play.

Compensation should be given to help as a catchup mechanism.

This game is designed around you fitting your life into their timers. Why would they compensate you for you not understanding the basic principal of the game?

and with that reason we’ve lost the argument of casual friendly. Sure there is rest bonus, but just as I’ve complained about not being able to do one daily for the pirate ship, this is pretty much in the same boot.

I said this is another post u have to be rdy that every week if ur EU u will lose 5h at least in the morning because of maintenance and u might not do ur dailys + the unexpected stuff they like to drop. And we complained about this earlier and nothing has changed. So just save ur energy and try to pull a one nighter to finish ur stuff there is no other way they just do not care.

you are suppose to spend money and buy auto complete tokens for the pirate ship daily.

But in order to do that you have to complete it once. While I managed to do it, I didn’t know at that time that it’s not all that random and there is a pattern in which event goes first. But still…