Maintenance in 1 hour - what?

Just got the message that there is maintenance in one hour. Really? Where is it announced on the forum?

Hey its Amazon relax this is normal haha.

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So you were notified ahead if it and you still want to complain?


Any CS agent or CM on duty to announce this?
How long is the maintenance and what is the issue?
This is getting out of control.

Good one calling that notifying:S

Maybe will be same ‘oops our bad, no maintenance actually’ and we will get that next message in half hour. Who knows nowadays.

maintencance for what !!

To maintain the maintenance.


up for this its random all of us know how it is but some of us what to know the reason why but again they will not say anything on this urgent mainte i guess ‘Transparency’


Made me laugh:-)

everyone knows in na/eu it is required to give notice 2 weeks ahead of time.

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I’m guessing it has to do with the RC/BC bug in the store

Wouldn’t be surprised if it is a hotfix for the chat bug.

It’s probably in response to this post. They probably fixed the issue since it seemed pretty widespread and are rolling out the fix tonight.


That doesn’t change the fact that they simply refused to provide any information on forums or elsewhere outside of the game.

Yeah, they are trippin ight?

Transparency at its finest :wink:

They have a long way…

Curious if it’s about the crystals how long this “fix” will last to be implemented. But so far just guessing and speculating.

So, basically, mari shop broken, call out team, find a fix within hours, maintenance asap, with little to no communication about it happening. Players can’t get in the game cause of large amount of queues or chaos/story being bugged for a week, playerbase can go F emselves, hopefully it get fixed somewhere in a near future. Gotcha!

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