Maintenance in 15minutes, but it was NOT!

Ok, I have been patient all day waiting for the maintenance to complete etc… Then again a maintenance notification of 15mins. Sure, whatever at this point… BUT WHY WOULD YOU TAKE THE SERVER OFFLINE WAY BEFORE 15 MINUTES… THIS IS A JOKE

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Agreed. Got the message, quit out of a Valtan and ran chaos instead. Didn’t make it through and DC’d with no message.

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Deskaluda for me :weary:

Right as I saw the 15minute timer, I went and did boss rush, at wave 14 I dced… it’s just cringe at this point honestly

Skill issue, I dc’d right after my kungabunga hehe

i dced right before i get 2 grudge books from my CD

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WAYYYYYYYYYYY BEFORE, oh mayyy gawddd, the world we live in!

At this point it’s like they’re actively trying to pour oil on the whole burning fiasco

Same here, was clearing Valt HM and got kicked at P2 x63…
its just sad to see these people as if they dont care about us, as if they dont think about us running legions and stuff, not having a clear system where its like “when we f up and we have to do the 7th maintenance we will restore all entries so people wont hate us” but well, it didnt go that well I guess.

It’s 15 miutes EU time, so 4 hours.