Maintenance in 2 hours again?

Problably cause they been taking it down for 3 days in a row :smile: This aint about touching grass, this is pure incompetence.

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They cant even close servers on time…but nice countdown you had :]]]]]]

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for real LMAO

Incompetents rule the rooster.

So another downtime that wont fix anything

grrrrr je suis une nouvelle joueuse , personne ne m’a averti que c’etait un jeu de maintenance mdrr

après de savantes reflexions je suis sure que les développeurs de LA sont en accord avec mes quêtes réelles (ménage repassage cuisine…) et donc font exprès de programmer les maintenances le jours. pourquoi les faire la nuit quand je suis dans les bras de morphée hein .

ils sont pas en europe donc leur maintenance la nuit pour nous c’est le matin

the AH is working but it might be causing instability if i want to guess what this means

prevent reoccurring errors with the system.

They absolutely prioritize giving people the ability to buy/spend pheons over having a stable game.

And now they’re trying to sweep all the bullshit under the Brelshaza is coming rug.

J’adore la feuille de route préparez-vous pour brelchaza. Mais comment ont fais le jeu et disponible a mis temps.Et quand tu joues tu es déconnecter bizarre cette méthode de jeu

saw a reddit post yesterday that people in NA got a bug which allowed them to glitch 100k+ pheons. Pheons are a joke by a company so desperate to monetise, they’d charge you per pixel rendered if they could

That was clearly a fake post, completely satirical.

It was meant to light a fire under AGS’ ass, because they actually don’t give a shit unless pheons are involved.

True, i normaly do it before reset :s because i dont have time at the end of the day

They just remove the hole thing, no more daily maint lol

I don’t think i can recall such incompetence from a company like this.

Their fix is actually spending 0.001% of their budget to finally buy some more server bandwidth from Ebay.

Wow, if a silly video game causes you this much outrage, you should probably consider something else. This isnt very rational behavior.

Are you ok? Seriously, its just a game. Most rational folks dont get so twisted over a little game. Its not that important. Try remembering they are just some pixels on a screen.

while you are right in this particular case, you aint better than him, leave this forum already

@HardAssKing you are having a mental breakdown over a game, go touch grass