Maintenance in 2 Hours (at 3 am?)

I guess we get an extra hour tonight/today (in EU)?

I’d still expect it to reset around the usual time. They probably just messed up the scheduled notification

My guess is that there may just be some confusion over when Daylight Savings Time starts again. Maybe it begins/began this week in the EU? It doesn’t start here in the U.S. until Sun. March 12th.

Intern must be working from home and typed that while doing the dishes.

Yeah it’s claiming to be one hour later than actual news annousment, and usual time. Expect it to go down in 45 mins.

Looks like ingame time was correct this time.

@Roxx So why hasn’t the servers gone down for maint at 12am pst like the post said it would??

OMG I gave that comment a <3 because it made me smile. I read it as “indie” too. In fact, I’m shocked to see “indian” there, rereading it now.

It’s not just a comprehension issue, but reading forums in the wee hours when you’re tired and inattentive.

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Who cares? Why do people worry about insignificant stuff like this?

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