Maintenance in 45 minutes

Maintenance in 45 minutes… How long is this gonna be? No announcement?


says 3 hrs in game but still wondering what for

We are given 45 minutes heads up.
We get no chance to complete our dailies after the maintenance.
This is happening during the only hours of playtime for many players.
Couldn’t you do this after daily reset, not before?


Try being in OCE timezones- this is right in our evening prime-time of play, essentially wiped out.

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The maintenance has already been completed for the EU region

This should help prevent the restarts that happened today


It really sucks for people that work second shift and the game is down all night


not sure what you mean when you say it is already completed. Can you clarify?
We all got messages in game stating there would be a 3 hour maintenance at the top of the hour.

I just logged out of the game because a popup came up saying that there is 3 hour maint at 2 AM Eastern… Are you saying this is not an accurate msg?

Hotfix for EU servers last night…3 hour downtime for both NA and EU.
Now you want to implement the same fix to the NA servers so you shut everything down again the next day. Why was this not done all at one time? Feels very short sighted and poorly managed.


I’m on US West and in game it said there was gonna be maintenance in 45 minutes which would be at 11:00 PM PST.

Sorry for the confusion, I was responding to some EU based posts and I jumbled up thinking this was also about the EU downtime.

This maintenance is happening ([Hotfix] US East, West, and South America Regions - Feb 15, 2022 11pm PT/7am UTC) but it is also to address the same thing that the EU maintenance did

So as stated you took down both systems last night but didnt bother to implement the fix in NA at that time?


So why the hell wouldnt you do the hotfix on both servers when you took everything down last night lmao?


This absolutely sucks…Why not sort all this bs out in 1 maintenance? 30 min hotfix earlier, 3 hour maintenance shortly after? Why can’t you guys sort things out?

Thank you for the reply, this makes sense.
People are quite stressed because of these daily server take downs. They are pretty depressing, but it has to be done.
One note though, most people didn’t even notice the hotfix post you linked, because we check the dev tracker. Official posts like that do not show up in the dev tracker for some reason.

So are we getting daily maintance right in the middle on Australia timezone peak every day?


Nah I think were annoyed because they took NA down to do a EU hotfix so we assumed they did the hotfix on both regions and now theyre taking NA down to do the saem hotfix they could and should have done at the same time to NA

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There seems to be confusion here about the purpose of today’s earlier downtimes as well as this hotfix/maintenance, so I would like to try to clear things up. This was not included in last night’s maintenance because it stemmed from there in the first place.

Following last night’s hotfix, an issue was uncovered in that build that required us to do rolling restarts on servers in order to keep them in a good place and avoid bigger problems later on. The short “downtimes” that happened earlier today were these restarts that helped keep the game in a good state until we received a new build to fix the issue – these were not individual maintenances, just restarts.

Now we have received the build that will resolve these problems so that we do not have to continue to do server restarts, which is why we are putting it in place now, as soon as possible.


Leaving much to be desired for any OCE members of your player base. Server maintenace yesterday occurring at 7PM - 10PM AEST. Server maintenance today at 6PM - 9PM AEST. Prime time for OCE gamers. Seems this may be a worthwhile talking point for the team.


i don’t understand why there was no announcement for this except popping up in game an hour before hand. bummer.

edit: do our Aura’s keep running during this time?