Maintenance on Friday (5pm AUS)

Hey people,

I’m just posting to hopefully create some noise for us poor Australian players that not only don’t get close enough servers (to avoid horrible ping) but the maintenance times land right during our prime PM time periods where we working class people can actually play….

(Even more reason why local servers could serve us justice as they could be maintained separately like Russian and Korean servers.)

This has flared up today due to a maintenance on Friday which has revoked any time us Aussies could play at the beginning of the weekend. I mean come on, Friday night? If that isn’t bad for player appeasement, I don’t know what is…. This is the best time to play, let alone probably the highest number or potential players impacted.

Anyway, here’s to hoping there is some empathy or thought to considering us AUS players and if anything can be done (ever, like servers, come on) to ease the impact things have on our play time experience.


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EU is also bad, 9 AM in the morning. We are whining about this for months now. I’m working, so most of the time I don’t care. But still it’s a bad maintenance window.


lol yea it’s bad for the no lifers, but nowhere near as bad as prime evening time which is most players.

This global server idea is just ridiculous. Why not have local servers for each country. Is it really that much more work?

Servers are region based. Meaning the data centers are either in EU or US with west release. I doubt they have the infrastructure and manpower to have local country based one. What you require is to have an Oceania region for you to play. But this won’t change the deployment schedule, because it’s based on US timezone…

Sorry, but the time is the time. I can’t play right now either in the US when I normally play. Someone is always going to get screwed during MX times, it is just part of playing online games.

Hello OP!

You have my sympathies. Sadly, they dont care.

AMG only catters to NA. Europe gets maintenance during prime time aswell. We had maintenace the whole morning yesterday and also today. Plus we got the anouncement at 3 am so we basically woke to discover this.

Be understanding with them. Its “too expensive” for an indie company to hire another team to do maintenance during the night in these other areas to respect your customer’s gaming time.

They don’t care because the servers are US based. People in the US are literally up during the night making this happen. Have some sympathy for them…

Yup and I think this same team is responsible for EU too and they do everything at the same time… Instead of have different downtime windows for different regions.

Sorry but if you are an international company and decide to offer a product in another continent its only logical that you take steps to adapt to the timetable there.

Hey, its up to them. This is just bad public image. You just look at LostArk spanish twitter just now and its full of negative comments.

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