Maintenance time change to reset

I love the game very much and have played over 800 hours since launch.

I’m going to try to keep it short and simple for everyone reading this.

Please just set the maintenances 3 hours later to sync up with reset time.

Not that anyone probably cares, but I work a full time job during the day and I like to relax and get in a few hours of Lost Ark gameplay when I can. Tonight I was able to get on 25 minutes before the 12 pm maintenance. just please move the maintenances back.

I hope that if you guys got this far in this post upvote it or do whatever it takes for a dev or someone that can do something can see this and make it happen for us.

I’m from NA west coast


+1 same situation here, 11pm-12am is when I start playing and it basically means I miss out completely on 1 day of dailies. And I’m already way behind, not even tier 3 after a month of play =D

While I generally agree with this notion, A) I don’t think they will change it as it would negatively affect other regions and one day per week is easy to plan for. B) The maintenance tonight is only 15 minutes so chill you’ll be back on soon enough

Mari and Valtan enjoyers on the other hand >.<

15 mins lul… i bet AGS interns gonna extend it for 5 days. NA West fucked btw.