Maintenance times and not telling people about them

Soo just noticed that you dont get informed about maintenance ingame? now losing honing becouse it… and also why you have maintenance on reset always? there is litelary server full of people at reset trying to do thing now i need to use all day on this game… there is times when server are low on people maybe do it then? not when there is 20 channels doing moake etc… and not sure how people work in abroad but where i live people have work drom 2pm to 10pm etc, so your taking all their time to play away it not about servers being filled to them they log in early they are fucked becouse ur maintenance… i know 3 people who stopped playing this game becouse of maintenance. and doing maintenance at night after 3am is actually helping people being more healthy.

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I bet you’d be the first to whinge when they don’t fix broken things too.


Actually, it was an emergency Maintenance, the also announced it in game 35 min before it started.


How do people miss that obnoxious banner that they had running?


that Post only means that you have NO Idea how this Things work

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Because people are lazy, ignorant and egoistic.
As someone told me in another thread, where I was referring to a topic that had just been postet 10min before: “I’m not here to read some dead posts”.
Or in other words: I don’t have to pay any money for the game, but I want that each and every maintenance will be discussed with me and international teams have to work, whenever it suits me best. I don’t care if they have to work late at night. And of course I will complain about bugs all the time, but I will also will complain when a hotfix gets applied.

This whining about maintenance will never stop and we will keep wondering, if those people never played an MMO before or never have used any software before that had a dependency on a larger infrastructure.


What banner

The terrible banner under the chat window, same place it was spamming about the broken guardian for hours upon hours.


Yeah completely missed that one lmao.

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in Europe , yesterday we have an update during the morning so servers down
Friday in the morning servers down two hours for hotfixes.

hotfixes can be apply during the night or early on the morning 5AM, so they don’t impact the players.

Claiming a reward multiple times as it was not intended (which this hotfix is fixing) would impact the players more. A hotfix is a change made to the game deemed critical enough that it cannot be held off until a regular content patch.

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no just when new world had better maintenance you know something is wrong :slight_smile: and i did like new world alot so im not those people who whine about broken things…

didnt get it in chaos dungeon tho maybe they should make it little bit bigger to easier notice.

ofcourse you dont time emergency maintenance my post is for overall

well maybe amazon should buy lost ark in all so they would have maintenance times like in new world… they were on point :slight_smile:

you can ban these people who claims the rewards multiple time during the day because they are cheating so you don’t end up in hotfixing and stop all the servers on the same time.

They did, they always communicate update throw lost ark forum, but the real problem is that they fix things up during our playing time, while in America they sleep. I would like wake up and play this game withut wait for maintenance.

It was here, On Twitter and In game.
It was a little later than announced and chat wouldn’t shut up about it.

It was an emergency hot fix to fix a potentially economy affecting bug.

They did what they should have done.

I agree with you

NW had the same discussions over and over again. “Why maintenance on my birthday…I took a week off and now you’re doing maintenance very often exactly in this week…I can only play from X to Y, why always maintenance when I can play”.

This is simply not true.
We had to apply a hotfix last week to 20 Servers, downtime for each system was over 1h. And the infrastructure was on a much smaller scale then the one of an MMO.
If you “patch” a system, you often have to:

  • make sure no user is connected
  • create backups
  • maybe stop some services
  • apply the hotfix
  • get the services up and running
  • do some checks
  • let the users back in

In most cases (that I know of) you can’t simply just apply a patch in a running live environment. Because after such a small fix, services need to restartet and so on.

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