Maintenance times please

Is so hard to do maintenances between 2 and 7am?

Y ou joking now right? like 00.00 is pretty god maintenance on a sunday.

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Yeah, definitively better than 3 or 4 am, oh god… these fanboys

well its better then the past. first it was at like 12, then they made it morning at 8, atleast they doing it on the night. just hope they fix this shit now

well, of course is better than prime time hours… that´s some progress xD

With the current server problem I don’t care if they do it at 8 p.m. as long as it helps something. I rather have them do something, these are not normal situations and I’m sure once the launch emergency mode they are in at the moment (especially with all the EUC problems) they will have better time but for now just be happy that it looks like they do something and stop complaining about the time, better as soon as possible then wait another few hours or even days just so it suits some of you while the rest is just happy that they finally seem to act and do something about the issues.

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It’s not much better really, I’ve been queued most of the day, I’m going to get in for maybe an hour before the maintenance takes it away again.

Your example of ‘it’s better than before’ is not really valid, let me give you the equivalent:
I can slap you in the face once right now, or I can kick you in the balls repeatedly for the next 10 hours. You’ll say why do I have to get slapped and I’ll say “well it’s better than getting kicked in the balls!”

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Waht makes the difference between 0am and 2am? Norhing!
0am is fine for me, but not for you. 2am is fine for you but not for everyone. U see what I mean.

And… 0am in Central Europe is something like 16 in the US where AGS is working on it.

And @Naraldeth
Same to you. I could play 10 hours today. But I wasent sleeping until lunch.

It is not about individual preference, it´s a matter of how many people are affected lol

Midnight after a sunday is a pretty good time. Monday is a work day. One could argue how many people are affected or if it affects different people. Putting it late might cut down on the playtime a bit for those who play evenings. But putting it morning removes the possibility to play for those who can only play in the morning because of queues. Yes 2am to 5am would be ideal but 0am is fine.

Both shop and matchmaking have been broken even during low pop times this weekend, so there is no time matchmaking works atm.

And @Naraldeth
It’s more like they have two types of medicine to offer you. You get the one that tastes worse but is a bit cheaper. It’s still good for you in the long run.

Yes and there are not many effected at Monday 0am to 2am in Europe.
AND: between 7am is 11pm to 1am in US. So they should work in the night for us?
I wouldn’t do this! And you?

That’s the point. We have big problems and as faster they fix them… the better it is. So I don’t care really much about the time when they do it. And when it is in my prime time… there are other things that I can do and play in this time.

I should pump this thread every wednesday it seems… until 2025 maybe.

NA >>>>>> others