Major Content gating seems to be in the NA/EU version, Unless you swipe your credit card ofcourse

Just watched this video and the grind seems insane… if this is the same progression for NA/EU.

This will make Lots of people will quit which is not good for an MMO.

Dead game will not make You, Amazon or Smilegate any money…

A Russian Pro Explains Why Lost Ark is Doomed in the West | Asmongold Reacts - YouTube

or please tell me if the video is wrong information.
I am only at ilv460 and I hit this “success/failure” gear upgrade mechanic. Like My upgrades failed 4 times at 80% !!! thats kind of insane.

iLv420 to ilv 460 upgrade used like 70% of mats i spent to upgrade from ilv302 to ilv 420

may be this system is there to slow down people from hitting T3 too early but this RNG only keeps getting worser as your ilv increases.

please look into this and tune it properly using data from NA/EU players.

while i agree that in T1 and T2 the upgrade-catch-up mechanics from KR/RU SHOULD have been there (since they released our version with T3 already), its not the end of the world…

T1 can be rushed through by doing all the islands, and unless you are the unluckiest person out there, you will get to T2 without the need to spend much (if any) time grinding for it.

T2 is a bit different, since there arent as many islands that give materials…
so you will hit a wall at somewhere around 980-1040 at which point you will need to spend some time doing daily stuff etc.
(which also gives you time to focus more on alts or just explore other parts of the world/content).

T3 is a whole different story though…
+25 is NOT needed to finish any current content (which isnt even out yet for us)!
unless you want to be listed on some 3rd party-site as “that person has +25” or just outgear every content, you’ll do just fine with what you get.

does that mean that i agree with the way you can buy materials?
NO, absolutely not!!!
i personally think that it should be a lot more restrictive to everyone and even IF you can spend money, you should never be able to skip even a 1 week grind for just putting in money.

does the player spending tons of money “win” anything by doing so?
depends on the definition, but i would say no… he just skips the grind and can do content, he is probably outgearing already, so he just bought his way out of having fun.

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that pretty much sums it up, because many people refuse to pay so even if new content releases at a certain amount of time - the old content is relevant as people get there slower. Even if Smilegates dictates the patches, the players dictate if you find a group for it or not. I wouldn’t worry too much

adding to this: most players still run “older” or “outgeared” content (esp. abyss dungeons and raids) due to the weekly gold income and other materials…

so old content isnt the same in lost ark as it is in wow.

With how low the reward is for paying, p2w is almost not even feasible.
Just pal1y the game and dont expect to be raiding in 2 weeks like in every wow expansion.

Except western audience is different from korean audience.

Korean gamers are built different. They have patience for grindy gamea such as this one.

Western games however are different, because people are used to how WoW and FF14 does things wherein the real progression starts at the end game content unlike here wherein grinding to get to the end game content si where majority of the time is being spent on.

With the way things are going, there wont be too many players doing old content as people will quit before they even get to t3

and at some point, we will also get the catch-up mechanics that KR and RU have, meaning that you can basically “skip” through T1 and T2 in 3 days tops.

i do agree that western audiences arent “built” for long grinds (at least not the majority of players) but we will just have to wait and see.
this game does have an INSANE amount of content (esp. if you read quests and enjoy the story etc).