Major difference I noticed after coming onto NA from KR

how people aren’t really obsessed with honing for weapon

anyone who’s boosting GS by honing armor instead weapon would be treated like a scum on KR region and wouldn’t be considered as ‘Proper’ DPS

you taking the easy way out by honing cheap ass armors instead spending actual money on weapon? no way you are getting into my party ← that’s the basic mentality

what do you guys think? when you see boosted GS player with +19 weapon and +21 armors

would you take him into your clown party?

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If he has ok gems and tripods I don’t see why not. As long as he know the fight and he has good dps uptime he is going to be fine.

yes i would still take because if the weapon isn’t at least +23 or better than +7 gems the difference between +20/21/22 compared to +19 is practically a non-factor.

  1. no mechanics will be skipped.

  2. the difference would be like 1-2 mins because that persons dps won’t impact the raid significantly because they would just be picking up the crumbs from lost dps via downtime from other players…

  3. nothing has changed minus a few mins. so…what’s the issue? no issue. so either sit in party finder for a few mins wasting that time anyways or just take a +19. the time balances out

  4. do mech and you clear.

I take an expert with doable gears over a juiced player that got carried all this time thinking they are good. :joy: And to say korea standards are not natural like their plastic surgeries. I have nothing against anything under the knife but with the standards they have along with the unnatural behavior, it’s a big red flag. In their eyes they see what is consider perfect but in others we see craziness.

Keep that Korean mentality over there thanks :slight_smile:

it funny how ppl in KR scare me about u nid +23 for clown etc and my control glavier +19 weapon can easy pass it with full pt 1475-1490 guess KR nid gear to cover they skill i think

No what they said is true, they never had the damage engravings and the damage/crit rate relic set we had when clown was release. They had to overgear to do decent damage. But now Na has all the updates similar to korea, we are more than overgeared.


saint showed you can do clown with 1 single engraving
atk zeals kanima and the other ones will make you believe that unless you are 5x3 1650 main stat +25 weapon you won’t get accepted

ofcourse some people will deny you from their parties
on my alt clown runs i have a semi static and one of my static constantly doesn’t like the pug i take
and then the pug i take always gets mvp

i’m always looking for good enough
like did you put effort in that character after 1415
and if you did then i am sure that you care about not in it for the bus

and thats good enough for me

+19 weap for clown insta reject, +20 - 21 is cheap

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i’ve made clown with pug with a low 4x3 sorc 21 w, 1475, lwc, 7gem and i didn’t get refused as much as i would expect

you don’t need as much to do clown kr player overhyped clown i don’t know maybe cause they had a harder clown back in the day or just jealous or i don’t know

but saintone have done it with 1 engr and a group of kr player have done inferno clown with 2 engraving so yeah

this game is like dark souls you can do the final boss sl1 with a shitty weapon but you can struggle at a random boss with big armor and weapon sl70

you just need to dodge and get a proper uptime nothing else

the major difference is probably the 95% bots population we have in the west.

The west has it’s own interesting way of spewing toxic arbitrary nonsense to essentially shame others. From what you describe it sounds like KR players shame cheap and lazy people for being… cheap and lazy. It takes a lot of resources to get a high level weapon, which requires time or money. In the west people are very sensitive about thier finances. So much so I’d call it an insecurity. As such they shame people generally for not being “good” and spending too much or at all really.

Personally I do not care, as long as someone meets the requirement and has decent stats+good engravings. If I happen to be on a character that I feel cannot “carry” I gatekeep even less because I am in no position to demand more of others when my character is weak. Essentially I always hold myself to a higher standard than others and im not too concerned how someone else built, as long as it makes sense. Comparing people to me is worthless.

Who cares if someone is on ilvl? If you KR people need 3-4 higher taps to do clown for whatever reason then you are just bad and need to get good.


gatekeeping for the weirdest shit is real in NA/EU as well (e.g. “no blue compass”) but gatekeeping people for ilvl or even weapon lvl is just dumb nonsense…

I have had enough decent to good clears on vykas and clown with people on item lvl, this goes as far as I don’t mind taking 1460 with even 2 or 4pc relic set into vykas as long as they know mechanics.

I had so many embarassing fails with people being 1500+ ilvl that are too dumb to piss a hole in the snow that I literally give zero fcks about ilvl anymore


obviously u only saw few people and make big fuss about it?

Do KR players manage to not fail raidwipe mechanics with 25 weapon better than with 20?

its an easy assumption thing.

when people started clown in KR , clown was diffrent. back then they had some harder mechanics.

also its alsways what the majority is gatekeeping.
like at the beginning of clown pretty much everyone got gatekept when he had less then 5 engravings . it was a hughe factor.

also the majority had no +23 weapon, cause alot of KR streamers said dont hone too high

in KR everyone has most titles so , gatepeeking titlewise isnt working
and dont forget the mats in KR are way cheaper , you get destruktion stones for 1 gold !

thats a huge factor if you need to use only 250k gold which is nothing in KR or 500k on western version which is still a big deal for most

so tldr : the playerbase majority make the standarts , and the can be regionwise a huge diffrence

yeah well, KR culture is pretty horrible.

Just look at Grudge omegalol.

Min maxing trixion warriors obsessed with numbers for no reason.

And look how it reflected on NA lost ark - now people were like " omg the fights are gonna be so hard, you better be 4x3 for argox, 5x3 for valtan ! " - meanwhile you could easily beat these fights even with 2x3.

Or the grudge thing rofl. Grudge is the WORST thing ever for a Newbie player ( like when LA was released), but because it was said to be a must in KR, ppl thought it was good and used it - and it wasnt. It was bad. For new players or unskilled players or for prog, its the worst.

KR culture regarding many things is quite bad.
And outside of gaming, its really bad - regarding education, work, values and such. Its pretty sad actually, if you ever looked into KR culture.
Brutally competetitive enviroment at school even from early age, aka you gotta be " the best " and if you arent, ur just a trash, which is more than a common thing.
It also explains the idea of min maxing and trying to do your " best " that reflects in lost ark.

Regarding work enviroment, everyone needs to learn how to drink alcohol even from younger age, as you cant say No to your superior at work when he offers you a drink or invites you to social gathering- which is why lot of people in KR have high tolerance to alcohol.

And yes, antropologist here lol.


At this point its not gear problem but more like skill problem. For example here are a lot of people with higher than needed ilvl for clown. So i wouldn’t mind person with that setup as long as he can do mechanics. What’s so good about guy with 25 weapon if he dies before even g1 stagger check? (example).
The thing is content overall doesn’t need such big hone on weapon or so to be done. Perfect example would be check what is min ilvl for legion and you can see what ilvl person weapon should be around. If its lower check gloves and shoulders because they give biggest dps boost from armor parts.
Overall at this point of game dps is not the problem people face, it’s skill issue. If you go to learning or pug raid and person keeps failing while seeing same mechanic 10 times and still can’t understand or even ask party members how its done.
Have perfect example - early vykas release apart whales and dolphins majority of people went with minimum or a bit above ilvl. But their mechanics were polished because mistake were painful. While now i see people at 1500 can’t do gates at g1 or leave shotguns/ can’t do black orbs at g2 or g3 leaves pools random spots. Like literally papegas swiped out, has higher ilvl then all but has 0 understanding of fights and in clown they are ground huggers.

absolutely true kr mentality is garbage

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