Major Guardian Raid Bug

Queue times are 20 minutes+ long at all hours of the day. And you get a popup every 2-3 minutes asking if you want to play? Then after clicking Yes/Accept, the game proceeds to tell you to Fuck Off (Matchmaking failed. Returning to the top of the queue). Then wait 2-3minutes again, and asks Do you want to play? Only if you hit Yes, will the game tell you to Fuck off. The game straight up lies to your face every 2-3 minutes AFTER TELLING YOU MATCH FOUND, DO YOU ACCEPT?

If you stop the queue at any point(hit cancel), or enter another map/change channels you get PENALIZED for 20 minutes so you can’t queue again. You don’t even have to have the popup Asking if you want to play. At any point during the queue, if you “cancel” you will get penalized. It makes sense to penalize people if they afk and miss the queue or constantly click No if a party/match is found but after waiting 10 minutes, then deciding to go to your stronghold, You WILL get penalized.

Lost Ark Queue experience is the only game that tells you to fuck off after you hit Yes when asked if you want to play. THAT is the PvP queue experience.

Sorry for click bait title, no one cares about PvP otherwise.

Simple fix don’t tell players to fuck off after asking them do they want to play. Just keep players in queue until a match is actually found. The user experience is currently awful.

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