Major issue on honing

Got to Tier3. Somehow reached Item level 1330(fixed). Exchanged all event tier3 honing materials. Failed honing my weapon at success rate of 68% above 4 times in a row. It burned all my remaining 600 golds and honing materials. Now I got to do the abyss dungeon for gold but my level is too low people won’t accept me. Way to shut people down game. This game is going to lose so many more players. I would spend money if I could just get to the main tier 3 content. No wonder they are giving away 1302 pass and even 1415 hyper express ticket in Korean server. Don’t spend money on this stupid game. They will start giving express pass tickets soon enough at this rate.
What a way to ruin a beautifully made game…

I did T3 abyss dungeons the moment I could in LFG. Don’t know what you’re going on about. If you’re applying for a group thats looking for 1370+ then well obviously they decline you. And, as unfortunate as it may be, if you do apply via LFG and play like a donkey, people might not be too happy, either.

And btw: it’s not exactly a secret that honing rates get bad. It’s the way the game is designed.

Also: please do yourself the favor and dont swipe youself to HC abyss without ever doing normal.

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Sorry my item level was 1330. And I tried to look group on tier3 abyss dungeon many times. Ppl look for 1340 or above even for the first dungeon (Get out if you are gotta say do it through quick match finding). I mean I would too because they want to get it done asap without retrying. AND PLEASE. Find somewhere else to preach. I’ve played in Korean server withy hyper express ticket and all. I have way more experience than most ppl who started fresh in this server. The game needs to face it since even in Korea honing system is considered trash. It needs major overhaul.

I did it my first time on normal using quick matchmaking. I just explained in the chat “hey, first time run, I’ve spent time watching videos on the mechanics but I may make a few mistakes”.

The other 3 players were super chill. We’ve all been “new” to some of this content at one time or another.

This thread comes across a little bit ranty because you either feel you are too good for public match-making or feel rejected because those in find-party feel you are looking for a carry?
I don’t doubt neither were your intention - but you can’t solely blame honing for being rejected out of content.

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You realize that Korea gets those boosts because they are far ahead of us right? Also groups will generally accept you even if you are 1330 if your engravings aren’t bad.

You do know that they are doing that to re-draw quitters back to the game right? So how many people do you think have quitted this game for the last few weeks on this server? You would be surprised to find out. They will give away the tickets as they implement new jobs which is pretty soon. It’s been always like that in Korean server it has nothing to do with how long the game has been around. Ticket is always used to draw people to the game especially in this game where bunch of people already start whining about raid difficulties and honing success rate. They will leave the game man. And the game is going to distribute free pass tickets to draw them back. It’s inevitable. And as for finding groups, team leaders set the minimum level to 1340 so I don’t even have chance to persuade them lol.

They do that because they want to do both with the same group

It sounds like you need to spend some time farming some gold then. Reset just happened so you have time to do Preveza.

Please… I have long experience in Korean server I know the mech and all bro… I don’t intend to blame randoms but it’s also true it takes way more effort and resources to finish a dungeon through quick match finding… I do encourage ppl when i do challenge the dungeons through quick match but now that i’m in Tier 3 and broke I would rather not waste any more unnecessary resources.

Like i said dude… My level is low so ppl don’t accept me to the group!! I bloody want to do the abyss dungeon for god sake. I’m broke from all the honing failure and I can’t do the abyss dungeon to get the gold. Give me an option game!

Lifeskills, chaos dungeon drops/portals, infinite chaos farm, chaos gate maps, etc.

Those are all options to farm gold so you can continue honing.

Oh, and its reset, so Unas Task

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The first abyss in T3 is super easy in matchmaking. But that’s how the game works, expect to dump all resources into honing every week if you intent to keep up. Not for everyone and discouraging for the western audience that is used to quick doses of dopamine.

Some suggestions on finding a group
Find an active guild
Make your own LFG party and state it to be only 1325
Use Discrd to find groups
Join a community

Ways to make gold
Do T2 and sell. I have made about 7k off T2 stuff selling it between 20-800 gold each. Its a grind game. If you are use to KR style games than you should be use to the grind.

Una Task

If you are struggling with pots than make them or try to make enough gold to buy crystals to get pots from miras shop. Fevertime gives free pots too.

No need to rush. The content will always be there. Enjoy the game no need to rush.

Do people really do life skills to get gold??? Sorry I’ve never seen anyone who actually uses that to get enough amount gold to hone gears… It’s god damn boring and time consuming…
And how does Chaos dungeon get you gold when you need to use those honing materials for yourself rather than selling? Are you telling me I need to hope for the goblin thingy that happen to appear very rarely? Please give me a practical option that can get me 200~1000 golds in one go when I literally have to spend 600 to click honing 4 times… I was rushing to Tier3 because I know by experience Tier3 abyss dungeon is the best source of gold. There is bloody no equivalent alternative.

You can sell the drops. You can sell the mats (although i wouldn’t sell today) from the dungeons and use the grand prix/guardian event/pvp vendor mats to hone with. You could buy the mats from the ship with pirate coins and sell those.

T1 shard pouches sell decently high and cost very few rift pieces

Plenty of ways.

I got 3 characters… I’m using up all the tier2 honing materials for my 2nd… I was trying to get all 3 characters to 1340 above for triple abyss dungeon gold tactic. I underestimated my cursed luck on this game. May I ask which T2 stuff did you sell for 800 gold each??

Trust me i have already used pirate coin exchange, blood stone exchange, chaos dungeon exchange, grand prix exchange, event raid exchange and even some mari shops and all the other island soul and heart of giant related quests. Still failed to reach 1340. Now i’m broke and out of passion cuz i know even with all that it’s still gotta give me 4 times consecutive failure at 68% success rate.

If you played in Kr, and are this bad that you can’t generate resources or matchmaker an Abyss. You should reconsider switching game, you may just be bad for this.

You need to set goals first of all.
For example, for me last week was focused on just silver and gold farming. I didn’t spend any of my honoring material or sell it. I have over T3 20k guardians, 6k destruction, and 100’s of Leapstones. That’s a week of saving and grinding.

I farmed T2 Aybassals on all my alts and main. Sold stones, and accessories. If they were good they wore worth good gold.

I focused on getting rapport up and made a good amount of gold. I did collectibles that gave me gold.

I farmed 100’s of green books which sold for 40 gold each.

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