Major issue on honing

How have you exhausted all those resources? It totals over 4000 armor stones alone. You literally just hit the point where you could start failing on T3 hones. Something isnt adding up.

Bro if you think like that the game will be left with only hard core gamers lol. Way to sink a game.

Okay this is an actual practical guide. Thank you. Although I’m still pissed off by the fact that I actually have to sell my honing materials when I need it for my own… Sigh.

No problem. I sold all my t3 mats for a week to boost my t2 to t3 than once those were t3 I exchanged pirates and fed all my mats to the main t3, guardian mats to my main. You need to have just goals. Baby steps and promise you’ll get where you need to be :slight_smile:

I just want to point out, this part is a problem with the community, not the game. The same elitist gatekeeping bullshit happens in every MMO that comes to NA. People suck so they compensate by requiring people to be overgeared for content.

Unfortunately, this is true. I have had friends not able to do Argos due to not having grudge 3 or “MAXROLL PERFECT ENGRAVINGS”. We just write these elitist names down and when we look we kick them or don’t accept them. Sounds pitty but you get what you give. Suggestion if anyone is struggling is again

Some suggestions on finding a group
Find an active guild
Make your own LFG party
Use Discrd to find groups
Join a community

Mate you come to the forum to throw a fit that ppl don’t take you when you try to apply for groups that simply don’t want you. It is as if I would come here and complain that ppl that specificly ask for a support dont take me on my dps.
You further complain that you don’t want to use quick match because it wastes your time. Meanwhile, you rant on the forum. I promise you, had you invested your time on the abyss instead of the forum, you would be done by now. And yes, this is me preaching since you so clearly ask for it.
And what exactly is your entire point about playing on KR? For one, this simply isn’t KR. Secondly, if you actually did, you should be, as you state so yourself, much more knowledgable than any of us western folks about the game. Yet you don’t know how to get money, find a group and are outraged by the honing chances, which, mind you, were even worse in KR at the beginning.

well, this won’t make you feel better this is the global achievement

on steam for lost ark as of today!!

I doubt that. I started lost ark in western beta and my main reached 1385 today and I make a profit of gold and silver each week. I am at 4mil silver and 24k gold rn and I have not done any gold printing this reset yet.
I am not swiping either, just being efficient with 2 alts at 1325 that will go to 1340 soon to make more gold.

If you manage to run out of gold or silver you are mismanaging your roster and that thus invalidates your claim to have more experience than most people. Maybe more than the other people that also mismanage their roster. But when you are doing worse than me that claim is kind of stupid.

Steam achievements aren’t accurate.

There is also an option for you to make a group in party find. Also idk why you are so against random matching either lol. You can easily beat the first abyss raid in 1325 through match making easy. I am surprised you still whine about this game knowing what you signed up for. I mean you’ve played in KR server already. They have much more strict requirement regarding your gears and engravings in KR server than NA server.

@hellozheng1 even if it’s off by let’s say 20% still way less than I thought would be there by now! I hope its wrong just kinda scary if it is that low!!

A lot of people didn’t even make it to lvl 50 and quit the game. They also banned a lot of bots so of course the number would be low.

1302 Pass, 1415 express pass when the only content we have in the game is Argos would kill the game. It would remove most of the incentive to play the game and honestly would make gear upgrading meaningless.

also the rewards for the content would be meaningless. Accessories, gold, upgrade materials would be meaningless as rewards