Major Progression Obstacle (T3 1302 Gear)

So I was initially very excited to finally get to 1100 gear score so I could run T3 content with my community. I quickly realized that the drop rates on T3 1302 gear from Chaos Dungeons was alot lower than the previous T2 and T1 Chaos Dungeons. Due to this low drop rate and the fact that for some reason, T3 1302 gear is not tradable in the AH, I am going on my third day stuck trying to farm a shoulder drop. Because I’m stuck at like 1246, I cant run any of the 1302 and above content but I also have no need to run any of the T2 or T1 content. So Essentially I logged, ran my Chaos Dungeons and didn’t get the shoulder drop so I just logged out. Ill be honest, I’m only doing that for another day or so before I just go play other games. Either make the T3 1302 gear tradable or just increase the drop rates.

Also before anyone gets on my case and tells me to go run from other “horizontal content” like islands, I have already done a ton of those, but alot of the islands also require a 1302 Ilvl. This also prevents me from buying any of the weekly gear from the vendors, because that also requires a 1302 Ilvl.


If it makes you feel any better, if youve been logging in every day, tomorrow the log in bonus is resonance potions, so you effectively have 7 tries at getting the set without bricking on Guardian raids and honing for another day.


I literally cant do any of the level appropriate guardian raid anyways. Im completely stuck.

Theres alot of posts about this, hoping its something thats on their radar. I have 4 chars in T3 and on every single one Ive got screwed by this from 1 day to 3 days, its very annoying to say the least.

I’ve seen a few people say this but I got all of my 1302 gear in one run.


I got full 1302 on first 2 characters in T3 on first day and third one I didn’t get Hands on the first day but got them on second.

it took me 3 days to get all pieces, how stupid this might sound welcome to tier3 everything will take long from now on the real grind starts here.

'Pray to RNG Jesus harder

Get same class to t3 and repeat xD

its not tradable

Didn’t pray to RNG gods enough

So you came here to cry? Ok.

There’s a probability with everything. You didn’t get the card you wanted, but you’re going to get it another day I’m sure. You’re going to hit 1302 soon. Going on the forums to be a diva and cry about it is just sad.

You’re saying a lot of the islands require 1302 ilvl, when the highest I see is probably 1100, except for Ghost Ship which is meant to be hard.

You literally have 1 extra day and you’re going to get 1302 and most likely hit 1325+ easy with the mats you have on hand to unlock even more content, and yet you came here to cry.


Well I cant do any of the content your talking about to get the T3 mats…so yeah im pissed. Thanks for adding literally nothing to the conversation but vitriol. Love you too sweetie. No worries I wont stay around if I have two more days of this stupid progression block. Ill go play a different MMO that respects my time.

No I get the grind part but this isnt that. This is me logging in and running 10 mins worth of killing adds and then logging out because I cant run the other 95% of the content at the level im at. Its bad design.

Its a dumb system or potentially an oversight.

But I got the full set in one day on both my charatcers, and my 3rd just got all but 1 in single day. Some people have crazy bad RNG i guess tho

Im not going to log in for a 4th day trying to get 1 piece of gear I need to unlock the other 1302 content. Im just gonna uninstall at that point.

-You’re just making yourself sound more like a whiny little kid.

-You got Anguished Isle - 1100 ilvl - daily dungeon with decent rewards.

-You can buy a lot of mats from the Trade Merchants weekly.

-You can buy weekly Guild mats.

-You have a damn notification that alerts you about ALL the random contents every day on the left of your screen.

-You have the Arkesia Grand Prix right now that gives pretty good mats right how.

-You can do Una’s Task, which some of the reputation gives GREAT rewards.

-You can do Sailing Co-op events to stock up High Seas coins and Pirate coins.

-You can do Daily Aventure islands that give you some good rewards like 4.500 pirate coins, 500+ gold, engraving books, runes. and sometimes materials.

-You sometimes either have Chaos Gates that drops secret dungeon maps that you can do with a party.

-You sometimes have World Bosses to fight for drops, engraving books and sometimes runes.

-You have so many random island activities you can do, Shangra, Alakkir, Death’s Hold PvP, Illusion Isle PvP, a lot of shit you can do to increase your Skill Points(which is much better than ilvl)

-You got Tower, Abyssal Raid. If you’re lucky, Cube, Boss Rush.

I can go on some more but I need to finish my dailies b4 reset! But yeah, you definitely doing something wrong if you only log on for 10 minutes and then come here to cry.

Yes this sux I also got stuck 3 days and it killed the good wibe. I was fine i have plenty of alts but its should not be like this.

I did all that stuff for like the last 200 hours so I could get to T3. Nah I’m good. I just want to be able to run the 1302 content with the rest of my friends and this system is terrible.

See the thing is I won’t stick around when a game kills my vibe like this.