Make books from the Arkesia Grand Prix not tradable (roster bound)

To avoid two things :

  • bots can’t sell them on the market
  • bots won’t have to join the races and ruin them by speedhacking, since it’s not profitable for them

Problem solved.

Too bad it’ll take a week for this info to be translated and interpreted by the korean devs

As posted somewhere else:
That’s good, we need a deflation. I stockpiled a ton of gold by now, let the people have their free purple engravings, syphon a lot of the gold into the bots then ban the RMT buyers so the gold is deleted from the economy.
Should work pretty great. Time to start saving up.

probably true :joy:

Bots don’t even need to join races, they run chaos dungeons in all tiers now.

Purple books are gonna be worth less than green/blue books eventually. Let it crash doesn’t matter in the long run.

I think runs are faster when speedhacking and they give 800 coin.

Sadly this won’t happen.

It’s in their best interest since it’s a direct cut in their profits. Much cheaper to megawhale with RMT so they loose quite a lot of money by doing nothing. If they don’t enforce it, eventually everyone is going to buy from the best offer.
It might be more than they can chew, I agree, gold sellers can get pretty creative, their job is on the line. I’m curious who will win.