Make Domination, Endurance, Expertise Viable

Currently, this does bonus damage to pushed/debuffed foes and staggered foes. Suggest a mix of the following additions:

  • Increases damage over time
  • Attacks penetrate defenses
  • Increases weapon power
  • Increases debuff effect (e.g. defense reduction debuff is stronger, but a stun won’t last longer)

These ideas are intended to increase build variety by giving power to DoTs, debuffs, and flat damage. Rather than relying on crits for big hits, Domination should benefit players building consistency in their damage numbers while benefiting group play in both PvE and PvP with improved debuff effects. The added impact of either defense penetration or more weapon power (I’d think only one or the other) should help make Domination more interesting for builds heavy on debuffs. Assuming the “pushed and debuffed foes” part works right and the meaning of those words are clearly defined, Domination can become a useful stat with changes like these.

Currently, this increases defense and shield/healing amount. I propose the following additions:

  • Improves Counter skill damage, cooldown, and attack speed
  • Enemies you counter take additional damage from all sources for 5 seconds

This additional change would make Endurance more interesting to classes with lots of counters. With Counters getting more damage, improved cooldowns, and better attack speed, Swiftness feels less necessary and improve viability of Endurance in both PvE and PvP.

Currently, your debuffs last longer and debuffs on you end sooner and increases damage to stagger health. I propose a mix and match of the following:

  • Increases minimum damage range (meaning, your damage average of 75 is a range of 50-100, this would increase the lower end and thus average)
  • Increases crit damage
  • Increases back and front damage

Expertise, with Domination’s added changes, can suddenly start feeling better. If Dom gets defense penetration and/or weapon power, and Expertise got increased minimum damage range, these two stats become a very viable alternative, but even if Expertise doesn’t but Dom does these two become very complimentary. Expertise also could become a great fit for Crit and make for real competition with Swiftness if it increased crit damage. Plus, high skill players relying on a lot of front or back attacks would fit well here. Classes with lots of counters and front attacks suddenly have a significant choice in going Expertise/Endurance split in their builds.

Of course, clarity on what “debuff” means, either traditional debuffs or crowd control effects or both, would go a long way, as well, but poor translation and word choice in localization is another thread entirely.


For Domination, “debuff” is in reference to CC like stun, eletrocuted, etc.
It basically improves damage against enemies affected by any of the three levels of CC.

Guess everyone knows the feeling when they get an accessory with expertise/endurance/domination and directly know that even with op engravings that’s gonna be dismantled

Absolutely. The reality of 3 dead stats out of 6, when we have no filters to autodismantle those three stats (A QoL thing in the full game.) means we see all those dead drops. Given that all three only potentially see use in PvP, gear having a dedicated ‘secondary’ stat slot in addition to the primary stat slot, to fit these three stats somewhere in builds, would fix that.

Giving them actual uses would likely be easier to implement.

For what it’s worth, I’d go with Domination increasing debuff effects, making it a potential support stat. Endurance improving counter skills and the ‘increased damage from all sources’ effect. Expertise being crit damage would give it a niche in builds that already get plenty of crit chance from other sources. (Artillerist with Enhanced Firepower and Adrenaline for example.)

Endurance’s suggestions are the least interesting to me, so potentially adding cooldown reduction on dodge and get up skills would help it out while fitting the defensive goal of the stat.

Unless we’re replacing what they already do, I feel like it’d be better to keep Expertise support-focused with debuff enhancements and give the crit damage to Domination.

You’ve got a point there.

i’d like the 3 stats to be buffed into a usable state, they don’t need to make them as good as swift/spec/crit but enough that you don’t just instant dismantle an item that has one of those 3 stats.

They are useful in PVP.

They are valid in other pieces of content such as PVP. No matter how much they change these stats to make them “viable”, there will always be an optimal setup that the community will find making the others obsolete. Just look at engravings. Things like crisis evasion or emergency rescue are actually useful for progging hard content but no one recommends using these because it’s not optimal.

Well Omni the Arena you don’t have your gear, island pvp nobody cares about and GVG isn’t available atm. So accs with this stats are purely useless atm.

In my opinion they should be useful on guardian raids or abyss raids. Get a mechanic where players need to tank a high amount of boss damage ( reverse stagger check ) to continue and that being only possible with high endurance. Same goes with expertise that should help in boss situations to remove certain debuffs or increase buffs to fight a specific mechanic. But I don’t think there doesn’t exist any mechanic atm and such feedback won’t be addressed for EU/NA anyway if it hasn’t been addressed in KR.

We don’t get any specific features here requested kn the feedback section, sadly.

High damage non-oneshot mechanics wouldn’t really be possible even with reworking Endurance. Supports can just hand out DR whenever it happens.

Actually expertise is kind of viable as some Kr use it for certain bosses that have hard stagger checks, however is not recommended as these stats doesnt add too well with the engravings resulting in a heavy drop of dps

Unless we’re replacing what they already do, I feel like it’d be better to keep Expertise support-focused with debuff enhancements and give the crit damage to Domination.

Nah, I’m all for dual purpose. More value to multiple “types” of builds or classes would be great.

Even in PVP Endurance is basically useless (only Gunlancer really) and Expertise is completely useless (only SOME Artillerist). And besides that, the PVP portion where you actually have your gear on is probably less than 1% of the content, makes no sense to have 3 useless stats for PVE when it’s 99% of the content

Exactly, it’s not recommended because it’s a huge DPS hit when, if it matters, everyone brings a high stagger grenade and uses stagger damage runes or tripod nodes anyway. It’s great if it improves stagger damage, but it needs more that is universally useful. The inherent problem with Dom and Exp is that they are exceedingly narrow scope PvE stats with little else going for them.

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