Make honing cutscene insant!

Why do we have to wait 5 seconds every upgrade to see honing

Especially when the system already knows if it will go through or not.

Yall really enjoy wasting our time yeah?


you dont have to wait 3sec

Yeah its more like 5 seconds. I fixed the post.

you can skip that if you dont want to see it.

you dont even have to wait 5 sec it takes 0.2sec :joy:

Just do what I and I’m sure many others do, as soon as you finalize the hone and the animation starts hit esc and talk to the guy again. You’ll get the notification at the bottom of it failed/succeeded and you can go right into your next hone without waiting.

Another trick is this: as soon as you hit the button to begin the animation, swap to a different tab at the bottom. Then swap back to the first tab and the hone will be completed. It’s a little weird, and we should just have the option to make it faster, but with some practice is works pretty well!

There are tricks, but there shouldn’t be a need for tricks, let people opt out of that animation and results screen and just… hit start and bam, red item flash on the left for fail and golden item flash for success.

This annoying and unrewarding process should be (optionally) as seamless as possible. I’d even bake the experience part into a “quick hone” button.

Tricks and workarounds are great, but I definitely appreciate the note of quality of life feedback as well!


I dont think that anybody is doing this

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Hard to believe since it was someone else who told me about that trick. Anyway, I have to imagine everyone had found one trick or another to bypass this animation.

I’d have likely rage quit a long time ago if was forced to watch every failure lol

what they should add is a skip option like what BDO has.

in that game when your upgrading gear there is a checkmark box u can click that removes the animation letting you see the end result instantly.

I’m amazed “you and many others” do that. Do you not know about the tab switching thing? What you are doing works, but seems like it isn’t as efficient as the other way.

Never said it was the most efficient, but I’d argue hitting esc then G to go* right back to the main honing window is “more efficient” than going to another tab, back to honing tab to see the success/failure screen, then back to the main honing screen.

I’m more confused why either of you care so much about how anyone goes about speeding up the process. I believe some grass touching may be in order.

Ill show you an example and how to do it


Nope it’s not mroe efficient as you dont see a success/failure screen if you tab back as you can see in the vid. Thats why its done this way by the majority :slight_smile:

Makes sense if your goal was to actually see that screen. To be fair, that is what the post is technically asking to be able to see that screen faster, not just hone faster. I’m fine just looking in the chat box to see if it succeeded or not.

So I shall concede that people who want to see that screen would never use the method I mentioned.

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I’m a relatively new player (still have a mokoko seed by my name) and I did NOT know these tricks, so thank you to those in the thread who shared them.

I just got into T3 a few days ago and it’s started annoying me…wasn’t so bad on lower tiers where everything always succeeded, so you didn’t spend a lot of time doing the honing in the first place, but that animation-delay when you’re already weeping due to failures is like doubling down on the annoyance of the whole experience, so every little trick to minimize that helps.

Also works for ‘Transfering’ but requires catching more strict timings or performing some additional actions before returning to the tab.

Its really more for QoL.
But if most people use a workaround to achieve this, then there should be an option to skip it completely.