Make is possible to "hide" ship skins

Like it is possible with the gears please! Frustrating how you cannot look at your cool original ghostship/ ashtray/ etc skins when you equip the store skins


Other than this, I don’t think they have or have plans to implement a way to just disable the appearance alone and only the appearance.

Take off the skin when you want to admire your ship/are in port; re-equip for stats when you are sailing.

That defeats the purpose, that’s why I’m asking them to add it like the gear hide… keep the stats but change the looks. Some people want to enjoy the looks AND the stats ya know


Definitely agree with this. There’s no reason it’s any different from any other type of skins - other than the fact the option doesn’t exist!


If more people show an interest they might add it, but until then that’s your only solution.

I realize you want to enjoy both, that’s why I suggested removing and re-equipping it for now.