Make it easier to report bots

With the servers full and the botting rampant, its weird that there is no easy way of reporting bots without opening 3 menus and being forced to type a message.
If I see 10 bots standing in a location it would take me 10 minutes to report all of them…

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Well with every 1 you report right now, 5 more speed past, so even with ease of reporting they need to fix the issue.

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  • CTRL + Click on their avatar, it opens up the report window.
  • Select the dropdown menu for bots.
  • Type a generic message, then highlight the message with your mouse and use CTRL + C to copy it.
  • Use CTRL + V to paste that message in every bot report afterwards.

There are so many of them you won’t get them all, trust me, I tried.
But it isn’t as slow as you make it sound.

Was just sitting by that WP trying to report them as I saw them, was too many… waaaaaay to many.

There’s no point reporting one if 5 others pass you by only because you need 10 seconds to go through the whole process. The process doesn’t take long, true - this however doesn’t mean that reporting is efficient or even relevant at this point.

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I emptied my block list.
I sat at a quest hub reporting bots and within 40 minutes my 100 block list was full again.
And I barely got half of the bots that went through.
And that was sitting in ONE channel at ONE quest hub for 40 minutes.
Imagine how many bots there actually are.

I actually got discouraged and logged out.

During the time I report one, I see 10 others…
If you stay 5 min at an NPC in Rethramis you can report 50 (and that’s just 1 canal of 1 server)

I’m giving up on this, not reporting anymore. I’ll just try to enjoy the game story and gameplay then I’ll probably move elsewhere. Can’t even play whenever I want on my founder server with the queues, bots are probably part of the issue too…

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While this is true, it does not solve the problem because most of them don’t get banned after they are reported. I reported more than 200 bots so far and I will still report more whenever I feel like. I know that there were more than 200 because I had to wipe my block list twice already. Just out of interest I wrote some of the blocked names a “test” message and there were some still active/ online. I also saw some (first) bots in Vern yesterday so they seem to extend their usual walk pattern further than the first port. This will become a hard ride if it does not get better… :frowning:

I can only repeat what I said in another bot post already; a long term solution will take time, we all know that, but developers should really think about some temporary measures like:

  • Remove or reduce gold reward below level 50
  • Relocation or “walking around” main quest npcs to make them hard to find by bots
  • CAPTCHA like puzzles (or puzzles like they had in runescape back in the old days for example) for npc dialogue on the first maps

All this measures will not solve the issue for good but could temporarily slow down bots significantly. Sadly we do not see any progress here in the last ~7 days and the only official answer in the Forum (@Roxx) was they know about the issue and work on a solution but it seems like they search for the “best solution” and this takes way to long. We can search for the best solution but that does not mean we should not think about short term solution simultaneously…

Hmm, that’s a good idea. With a little bit of tweaking (like various stronghold upgrades demanding gold being replaced with some other material), gold rewards (or even better - trading any kind of resource) could be locked behind defeating the first raid (or some other content that can’t be done by bots alone).