Make Lost Ark into a Subscription-based game

@Roxx Since everyone is throwing out wild ideas, here’s mine because why not? Starting a thread is free much like creating an account in Lost Ark which I’m pretty sure is one of the contributing factors of the bot’s rising population.

Botters who are able to circumvent this VPN ban can create a new account faster than you can remove them. Therefore, a subscription-based model is a good idea in my personal opinion (not representing others here).

We have several great preceding games which work on such a model, FFXIV and WoW comes to mind. Although they have bots in their game but it’s not as prevalent as Lost Ark’s.

I got my fire-resistant suit on, prepared for flames. Have fun discussing.


Oh, this is going to be great. Time for popcorn.

You have to realize first that this game does not offer even an ounce of replayability compared to those other titles for someone to want to pay to actually play it.

I’ve never seen my friends drop a game as fast as this one even while it’s free.

I would gladly play 200$ per month for subscription, IF amazon will do their job correctly, i want all classes, all content, no dumb downtimes for EU anymore and the full skin series rotation every month.

If that happens I would quit. I’m playing LA and not FF14 because I don’t get alot of gaming time so it doesn’t make sense for me to pay.

This version of LA was for intended for NA/EU players. Bots are really killing the game for NA/EU players. Why would Amazon let bots ruin the game for it’s target players bc people who aren’t the target players wanna play as well.

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You aren’t forced to see them nearly as much in XIV, but you can certainly still feel their presence in the market.

Also even with they regularly sweep out bots/RMTers, the amount of accounts they get are still rather high whenever they post them.

Then they would have to adjust the content releases and current monetization model if they were to adopt the subscription model. Such as removing weekly lockout of Abyssal Dungeon/Legion Raid to something akin to FFXIV where you could still do the raid to help friends but not get any rewards or if you bring someone who has cleared, only 1 chest drop instead of 2 (in FFXIV).

No issue with a sub other than the fact the population will take a nose dive. Just remove the pay for convenience features from the game and keep any form of a cash shop purely cosmetic. Also remove Crystalline aura.

But that’s the real problem, we dont have an independent developer, we get the same stuff korea gets.

Definitely. No reason to keep pay for conveniences once a subscription model is adopted. I bet it’ll be a healthier for the game as well. Also, they can remove pheons too.

OK I have seen hundreds of games go f2p, but a f2p game going p2p, umm yeah…

meanwhile i played ffxiv two days ago and had a gold selling ad in the mail.
if the game goes p2p then it also means that standards will be higher for lost ark.

it means p2w will be even more strongly complained about.
it also means that the content has to be worthy of being p2p, and not what we have now which is daily chaos dungeons and guardian raids.
it also means much better and actuall helpfull support.

AND voice acting will have be top notch, if people are willing to pay for it.

those are all things i highly doubt lost ark would fix.

only one i know that went p2p from f2p was allods online, and that din’t go well.

subscription based games dont stop botting it only cuts into there profit margins a bit. they could sell the game at 60 bucks over and over and bots would still buy it. the people who bot setup huge networks and run thousands of accounts they legit dont care if they have to pay 60-100k upfront they make that back in 1-2 weeks(well before they are banned) and if we aren’t talking about the biggest issue why talk about it at all(the biggest issue is the network bot farmers not joe in moms basement)

It helps deter botters and rmt-ers. Subscription will eat into botter’s profit margin while rmt-ers (gold buyers) will think twice before buying any illegal gold as if they are caught, all the subs they have paid will be gone. AGS has to implement permaban for players who buy illegal gold for subscription to work as well.

No doubt bots will still be present but it will not be as bad as what we have currently. It will definitely greatly reduce the number of bots more effectively than what AGS has implemented currently.

I agree 100% - in reality if a player buys the Crystalline Aura which lasts a month then that is equivalent to a monthly subscription and obviously the botters just walk everywhere. The situation has become so bad that every server I have looked at is choked with bots, in fact it has become so bad that the game is not enjoyable at all no matter what level area you are playing in you are swamped with these low lifes. Bring on the subscription and do away with the necessity for buying the monthly Crystalline Aura then the games masters would be able to easily track which accounts are abusing the system more easily.