Make lost ark pay to play?

I was thinking that AGS and Smilegate should make lost ark pay to play to deterrent bots and RMT. Many will find this idea abhorrent but nothing else is working. I’m just throwing out my idea to stop RMT and bots. I would like to hear other opinions on the matter.


I’m not sure if this will solve the bot issue. If the bots are already making more money than the cost of the game, then it’s a no-brainer to pay that money upfront as a future investment. They need to figure out this botting issue with real identification, Google Authenticator, or something.

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That’s surface level thinking. If a bot camp has 200k accounts, imagine a subscription of $5. You think they can invest $1 million dollars, for a possible return in the future? Not to mention the continuous enforcement done on a weekly basis. Too high a risk. If anything, the bot numbers will be so minute, it’ll make life easier for enforcement to be done.

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I guess that might curb bots…but it would also curb actual players. I for one would refuse to pay for a subscription for this game. Have you seen the inability of Smilegate/AGS to actually fix and address bugs in the game? It took them a month to fix the daylight savings issue, with multiple patches on top of that, where they just failed and failed. If they were to start charging for the game, I would expect a certain level of ability that just isn’t there.

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Other games are and still have bot problems.
. As long as it’s making more then it’s costing it’s just reducing their profit so we have MORE. Bots

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What fix u talk about ? Daylight saving time isn’t fixed the. Servers are all 1 hour off still after months

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Hah, well, if it’s still not fixed (it seems to be fine for me), that just further supports my argument.

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they’re just not trying and they don’t care

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I do understand where you are coming from. I was thinking of a one time purchase like around 20 to 40 dollars. No subscription

Even still, I wouldn’t pay for that. At least, not unless I knew the development team could actually handle issues, which we have clearly seen that they cannot. I mean, come on, they broke NAE logins alone today…what’s next?

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U just lose 80% of ur playerbase and 0%of the bots

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Well I still don’t think paying for the game willl stop the bot issue. Look at New World.

Doesn’t that game require an initial purchase? Still has a botting issue.

It’ll make things somewhat more annoying for bitters to have to pay an initial investment but for a game like Lost Ark, it’s not risky at all. The returns on investment is almost 100% guaranteed which is why there are so many bots right now.

im only playing this game because its free 2 play. i would just go back to playing WoW if this were to start charging lol

My idea in my post is to tag trade functionality in Crystalline Aura while making Crystalline Aura only purchasable with RC (Like in KR). That itself would curb the issue.

AGS already knows the solution to RMT’s. they are just ignoring it because its making them money.

its simple to create programs with auction house detections and track gold transactions to identify the accounts associated with RMT activity.

by simply allowing players to RMT and giving them a slap on the wrist while doing so just fuels the market for this to occur.

there has to be a ZERO tolerance policy but AGS wont do that because they are profiting off of this aswell.

Actually, just throw in all the P2Progress packages into the cash shop. Like Honing mats, honing protector, gems boxes, legendary engraving selectors, casino stone boxes, silver packages, and gold packages.

Then whales can buy with cash instead of RMT-ing. Bots will be gone because no business.

Of course if you were already playing you would not have to pay. The fee would be for new accounts to stop bots .

When you ban the actual real players who bought money by RMTs you lower the real playerbase and let the bots still do their thing.
You couldnt do a much more stupid thing than that.
You need to get rid of the Bots nothing more.
Banning real players is not a solution at all, its no wonder ppl buy gold this cheap, i mean AGS created that monster and need to stop the source.