Make OCE servers already

Like seriously, this game is published by one of the richest companies to exist right now. They already have OCE servers for New World so what the hell is stopping them from making OCE servers for Lost Ark? Seriously you know shits messed up when one of the richest companies don’t want to bring out more servers even though they have the infrastructure already just because they think they will lose some pennies compared to what they already own. Oh and don’t forget they don’t pay taxes (and if they do it’s nothing compared to small businesses) so really what the hell are they losing?

Not only that, their sister company (AWS) is also one of the largest, if not the largest cloud server provider in the world.

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I didn’t even know that but now that I do this becomes even more of joke lmao. You know whats crazy as well. Wow servers were top notch during their peak times even when they didn’t have OCE ones because you could still pvp and it felt like you were playing with 70 ping.

Another thought, Dead by daylight legit has OCE servers and that shit is way smaller than this is like what?

They just don’t care about us dude.

it’s not that they can’t, THEY JUST DON’T CARE

Exactly so maybe it’s time we just bail on this game…

I just find it funny that S.America gets there own servers then OCE/SEA just get shafted.

100% especially if it’s all about money… lmao