Make people give amazon their Passport to play

Show passport or permaban so bots go away easy

that cant happen due to complicated laws in EU and NA.
Also people are scared they will be monitored or something - as if they arent already.


Illegal in many parts of the world. They couldnt even ask me for my national insurance number (like social security number), in fact theres very few who can even ask to see that

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In many states of NA it’s illegal for a business to ask for your passport.

It’s the most legitimate form of ID. Held above any other.

Asking for an ID is “less” problematic in NA but dunno about EU.

Make people give amazon their Passport to play

Why don’t they just link their Amazon account to play and require 2FA to verify the Amazon account?

I do have my Amazon account linked. I get my Amazon Prime rewards that way