Make pvp weekly quests 3 games not 5

I wait 5-10 mins minimum for a pvp match on euc I can’t even begin to imagine the wait time on euw why are you expecting players to wait so long to get into a game? Yes I understand that pvp in this game is not loved by the community and smile gate seem to not want to improve pvp arena so we are stuck with it. What I am trying to say I guess is why am I waiting 10 mins to fight the same 5 players and I have to repeat this same task 5 times just something worth noting if we get dc in arena we can’t reconnect we get hard penalised and we get a timer ban so when anti cheat software wants to disconnect someone from the game it’s basically gg for them. Here is what I suggest Amazon/Smilegate do to fix these issues even though I know you won’t do it at least I guess I tried bringing it up. Add a 1v1 mode players in lost ark do not like match making with each other especially when you get the same fkn shitter all day you might call me toxic but it’s a matter of truth that I will switch to there class just so that I am less likely to get them on my team and more likely to play against them. My rank is gold so it’s not even that high and yet I fight the same 5 people almost everyday. Another idea is to make premade pvp ranked that’s far more exciting than match making trust me I know your game much better than you do. By the way I made this topic during queue time.

pvp is not loved because of smilegate.

When pvp got released, pvp shop was dope.

But then they resetted shop - whoever thought was that had to be brain dead.
And because of that, at least 80 - 90% of players stopped playing pvp.

Because grinding shop from the scratch would not only take more time, but even more so because the pvp shop sucks hard now.

Its simply not worth playing pvp. Before, it was worth it - now, its just not.
No shit nobody would play it.

Btw, i recommend u doing two boss rushes and maybe chaos or g raid weekly.

if they wanted to make ppl play pvp, they shouldnt have resetted shop, and also they should have made pvp shop way more valuable.

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Sadly I am one of the very few people that actually loves the pvp in this game ig

well, good luck.

I dont like pvp. Now in games, i usually like pvp, but here - there is no incentive to play it, and playing zerk in pvp felt really ugly. Not sure about other classes, but zerk just wasnt fun in 3 v 3.

pvp seems to be very hard to acess, as you gotta know abilities of all classes, how their super armor work etc, ugh