Make Sharpshoot Great

I enjoy playing Sharpshooter but it’s clunky and I have an idea to somewhat fix the issue.

Deathstrike is good but

  1. You can only do the 40% increased damage on the target you hit with deathstrike.
    2)The burst window ticks down while still in deathstrike animation losing 1.5 seconds so its not an 8 second burst its more like 6-7 seconds.
  2. only useful on bosses

What I like to see changed and I just speak for myself.

Turn deathstrike into a buff that you can active and get 40% burst for 8 seconds on anything, will this make this OP? I don’t think so if it does just adjust how fast you can charge it.

just wait for the balance patch, it gets better.

Well, thats the point of deathstrike, we rarely have scenarios were you need damage on multiple targets, besides almost all party synergies are debuffs

that’s pretty much why most sharpashootas take both engravings

Sorry what? Why would buffing the class in ways that don’t matter at all (anything that isn’t boss damage/weak point dmg) be worth doing? SS aoe is fine…and irrelevant

Just give them a ranged counter. Makes no sense for them not to have one, even paladins have a ranged counter.