Make some item spawns player instanced

TLDR at bottom.

So as the title suggests, I propose that some items be made player instanced to avoid unnecessary competition for resources that have limited sources.

For example, Collecting Mushrooms for the Yorn cooking task in the Adventure Tome “Gourmet Stir-fried Mushroom”.

This requires you grab some Mushrooms that are locked behind some pretty heavy RNG and are a bit of a grind to collect.

The grind is not an issue, it’s the competition for the spawns.

The issue is that the only viable way to effectively grind these mats is to hop between 2 of the 4 channels and rotate the 2-3 spawns of 3-4 spots.

The fact that there are very few channels and only 3 spots that are viable for farming the item is the issue.

It’s extremely frustrating to start farming these items only to have someone else hop over from another channel and pick up your item, forcing you to do the same, ad infinitum.

The items are not tradable and cannot be used for anything other than the cooking quest. There is no introduced “influx” of the item, so I don’t see this being an issue.

IIRC, only around 2% of the player base has made it to Yorn so I could only imagine how bad this issue is going to get as more people get to this point or people finally decide to push horizontally.

I’m sure this issue extends into other content, so feel free to list another example of where instanced spawns may be helpful. Do keep in mind the items should not be tradable and locked to a very specific use case. Instanced Mining Nodes is never going to happen.

TLDR: Make untradeable story/tome items player instanced so we don’t unintentionally grief each other by just playing the game.